Lollapalooza Festival attendees electrified by 600-volt third rail while capturing selfie on train tracks

A shocking video captures the exact moment when three individuals, en route to Lollapalooza, sat down on the Chicago L train tracks to capture a group selfie. Their attempt took a horrifying turn when they came into contact with the third rail, resulting in a powerful jolt of 600 volts of electricity.

The incident occurred at the Ridgeland Green Line stop in Oak Park, shortly after 7 p.m. on August 5. The group of friends was making their way to the music festival.

The footage portrays two males and a female positioned on the tracks, evidently preparing for a photo. As one of the males leaned back, he suddenly convulsed in a violent manner, clearly affected by the electrified rail upon contact.

Second-ever pig heart transplant offers hope to dying man: ‘Now I have hope’
The bodies of the two friends went violently rigid as they touched the tracks while taking a photo. Source: Video
Second-ever pig heart transplant offers hope to dying man: ‘Now I have hope’
The three were seated on the tracks taking a selfie when one leaned back and touched the third rail. Source: Video

In a reactive instinct, he reached out and grasped the female beside him. She too exhibited a rigid reaction as the agonizing volts surged through their bodies.

The trio seemed to be part of a larger group of friends, visible on the platform above them in the video footage.

The third individual on the tracks appeared visibly horrified as he witnessed his friends contorting in rigid discomfort beside him. After a brief moment, he sprang into action, attempting to free them from their immobilized state.

Second-ever pig heart transplant offers hope to dying man: ‘Now I have hope’
Friends leaped down from the platform to try to pry their friends from the tracks as they were shocked. Source: Video

In a tense moment, he seemed to experience a brief shock as well, causing him to raise his hands in the air. Shortly thereafter, several individuals from the group leapt down from the platform to provide assistance and aid their distressed friends.

Tragically, the male victim suffered cardiac arrest and was swiftly transported to Loyola Medical Center in critical condition, as reported by the Oak Park Fire Department. Meanwhile, his female companion, although conscious upon the arrival of emergency responders, also required hospitalization.

As of now, their identities, ages, and the severity of their injuries have not been disclosed.

While the human body can endure exposure to substantial voltages, such as an average lightning bolt that contains about 300 million volts, contact with as little as 50 volts of electricity is generally sufficient to be lethal to a person.

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