Lizzo guides a group of teens on how to find safe spaces on social media and protect their mental health

During her role as a brand ambassador for Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, Lizzo shared valuable guidance with a group of young people on finding safe spaces on social media and safeguarding their mental health.

The 34-year-old star emphasized that she doesn’t let negative online comments affect her, reminding the students that the online world is not the real world and that she is in control of social media, not the other way around.

Following her empowering message, the four-time Grammy winner led the audience in reciting positive affirmations such as ‘I love you, you are beautiful and you can do anything.’

The crowd enthusiastically echoed her words, and she then demonstrated how to practice circular breathing, a technique known for its calming effects.

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The Truth Hurts hitmaker then reflected on how many people spend a lot of time being kind to their family and friends, as well as working hard in school, but emphasized the importance of being kind to oneself.

She urged her audience to practice self-love and expressed hope for a better future. Lizzo jokingly referred to herself as entering her “self-love guru era” in the caption of the video she uploaded to her Instagram account.

Known for her body positivity advocacy, Lizzo has been a vocal advocate for women to love and accept their bodies from the beginning of her career.

In a previous interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music in 2021, she discussed receiving “racist” and “fat-shaming” messages on social media, and how she had to own her insecurities about her body being criticized as a pop star.

For the speaking engagement, Lizzo looked stunning in a figure-hugging grey dress with long sleeves and silver hoop earrings, as hundreds of her 13.4 million followers praised her in the comment section for her powerful message partnered with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action

Lizzo then delved into how she feels her journey to the top of the charts has been different from other artists. She expressed her belief that other artists may have their own insecurities and flaws, but they are able to hide it behind a veneer of being sexy and marketable.

In contrast, Lizzo acknowledged that as a plus-size Black girl, she faces systemic marginalization, even while being recognized at events like the Grammys.

She lamented the disparities that still exist in society based on race and appearance, noting that there is a long way to go in terms of equality.

The infrastructure has not changed as much, and plus-size Black women still do not receive the treatment they deserve in hospitals, from doctors, and at work, according to Lizzo.

Her comments highlight the ongoing challenges faced by marginalized communities and the need for continued progress towards equality and inclusivity.

In the same year, Lizzo expressed gratitude that photo-editing apps did not exist when she was a teenager, as she discussed the harmful effects of social media. During an interview with makeup artist Dre Brown, Lizzo reflected on how she felt the same pressures as today’s 12- and 13-year-old girls when she was their age. She remembered waking up wanting to change a part of herself, but did not have the option of photo retouching.

Lizzo revealed that she quit Twitter in 2019 due to feeling overwhelmed by incessant trolling on the platform, which caused her significant stress. She spoke about the unrealistic standards for body and face that are created by social media, and the dangers associated with it.

When asked about how she learned to accept her curves, Lizzo admitted that she felt she had “no choice” and that it was a matter of survival. She shared that she needed to find a way to like herself in order to continue living happily and thriving in her body, as she had struggled with body negativity for a long time. Her journey towards self-acceptance and body positivity resonates with many who face societal pressures and expectations related to body image.