Little girl has adorable yet heartbreaking reaction upon learning she couldn’t marry her dad

The bond between fathers and daughters is often a special one, with many young girls seeing their dads as superheroes and Prince Charmings. Bella Atkinson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa was no different, and at three years old, she harbored innocent dreams of marrying her dad.

However, her hopes were shattered when she discovered that her father was already married, leaving her heartbroken.

In a video shared by Bella’s mother, Jenna Atkinson, the young girl can be seen breaking down in tears after realizing that her dream man, Daddy Matt, was already taken. Bella had been looking at photos on the family home’s staircase, and upon seeing a picture of her parents’ wedding day, she asked her mother if she could marry her dad one day.

After realizing that her dad was already taken, Bella was inconsolable, stating that there was no more Daddy Matt.

Bella is very close to her dad, who teaches her about the outdoors and how to be strong and fearless, while also enjoying getting his nails painted and spending time with his daughter.

Her mother is happy that Bella’s father has set a high standard for any potential future partners, stating, “He has definitely set a high bar for any other boys that come into her life one day.”

While it may be hard for Bella to accept that she needs to find someone else to potentially marry in the future, her mother is confident that as she gets older, it will become an easier transition.