Little Ember, a shivering stray calico kitten, appears outside the fire department and begs for assistance

On a chilly and snowy evening late last month, firefighters at the Steinbach Fire Department in central Canada were surprised by someone. Nobody saw it coming!

In desperation, a chilly stray kitten peered through the station window. As she attempted to enter the facility for warmth, the on-duty firefighters sprung into action.

The cat was pleading for assistance. “I was walking and noticed her at the window. A member of the department went outside and she came right to them,” said Kelvin Toews, the fire chief, recalling the first time she saw the cat.

The kitten had been hanging out there because it didn’t have a place to call home. They invited her inside because they couldn’t leave her out in the cold.

The cat quickly made himself at home. She was filthy and hungry, but she was grateful to be in a warm, safe place. The calico showered her human pals with affection, quickly winning their hearts.

Toews, who has four cats, volunteered to take her in to provide her with a warm place to stay while he began looking for her owner.

They fell in love with the cat right away. They named her Ember and took her to the veterinarian the following day. Aside from minor frostbite on the tips of her ears, the kitten was in good health.

When they posted Ember on Facebook and no one claimed her, they quickly assured her that she was fine. She received a vaccination and had her ear mites treated.

Ember turned out to be the sweetest person. She was captivated by everyone’s gaze and couldn’t get enough of their pets and cuddles.

Despite their desire for Ember to be their station cat, they understand that a kitten like her requires a lot of attention and a family to adore her. The fire department is not the best fit for her.

“Steinbach does not have a full-time fire department so the station is not continuously staffed,” they shared. “Unfortunately the station can go days without someone being there.”

The firefighters decided to help their feline companion find the loving home she so richly deserves. She was placed with someone who fosters cats.

She was also given a relaxing bath, and she smelled divine! She went back to the vet to be spayed. She recovered quickly and returned to being the loving and lively animal she had always been.

Ember is now ready to embark on a new chapter in her life. She will be a wonderful friend who lavishes you with attention and hugs at all times. And, as expected, she quickly found her forever home!

“She’s found a nice spot to call her own and has really made this home. I cannot believe how well-behaved she is – exactly what we’ve been looking for,” her new family said.