Little child has lightning marks on his face, white hairs and blue eyes surprised many people

The young boy’s video has drawn attention from all around the world Because of his distinctive looks. He has such amazing characteristics that many are calling him a “angel.”

Due to his stunning characteristics, a little black youngster from Africa has created a buzz on the internet. Everyone is in awe of the boy’s looks, even if they are unsure of his identity and other data.


Everyone is mesmerized by the child’s attractiveness even if his age or name are unknown.  The tiny black child has bright, piercing blue eyes that attract naturally to every ones.

Additionally, he has a scar that resembles lightning at the front of his face and a patch of white hair that gives him an otherworldly or “angelic” appearance, as some reviewers have commented.

However, there is an opinion that the boy is suffering from Waardenburg syndrome.

Medical websites state that Waardenburg syndrome is a collection of hereditary disorders that affects how people’s eyes, skin, and hair are pigmented. A little degree of hearing loss may also result from it.

Watch the video about him

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