Little boy works hard to raise funds and purchase a headstone for his deceased best friend

When a young child found out that his deceased friend’s mother couldn’t afford to purchase his headstone, he was even more distraught over the loss of his best friend. The young boy wanted to earn money for a special Christmas present since he did not want her to pay a visit to an unmarked grave.

In 2013, when Kaleb Klakulak and Kenneth “K.J.” Gross first met, they grew close right away. They frequently went to each other’s homes since they enjoyed spending time together.

When Kaleb began second grade, K.J., who lived in Warren, Michigan, encountered him. He had recently experienced his parents’ divorce and was the new kid in town. In addition, Kaleb was introverted and found it difficult to establish new friends. However, that changed after he met K.J.

Source: Detroit | Channel 7

An Instant Connection

The two boys got along due of each other’s reticence and good disposition, according to their mothers. They were also being reared at the time by single moms. K.J.’s mother, LaSondra “San” Singleton, described their special bond at the time as follows:

“I call them brothers, just of a different race.”

Source: Detroit | Channel 7

Singleton observed that the boys had similar personalities and enjoyed spending time in each other’s company. They spent a lot of time doing things like watching movies, playing video games, and going to Greenfield Village, which is a collection of historical monuments.

Source: Detroit | Channel 7

An Extended Friendship

Kristy Hall, Kaleb’s mother, mentioned that the arrival of K.J. brought an abundance of love and happiness into their life. Even more remarkable was the fact that Singleton and Hall were able to develop a strong relationship with one another. Hall recalled:

“We were both single moms at the time, sharing our stories and taking comfort in each other.”

Hall revealed that her son had even persuaded K.J. to attend his church, where the latter quickly became a regular and delighted in singing in the choir. Because of the deep bond that existed between them, Kaleb was unaware about his closest friend’s troubles with his health.

A Unique Connection

According to Singleton, K.J. was diagnosed with leukemia when he was a little child, and he has required multiple operations over the course of his life. His allergies would get so bad at times that it would be difficult for him to go outside.

According to Singleton, Kaleb made his way to her home during those times so that he could play with Gross. She added: “They were inseparable from the beginning to end of their relationship (sic),” 

Falling Ill

K.J. was admitted to the hospital for the final time in 2018, putting an abrupt end to the enjoyable outings and activities that the children had been participating in.

After beating cancer twice and living cancer-free for six years, K.J. was shaken by the news that he was experiencing new symptoms of the disease. It was reported that he had suffered congestive heart failure as a result of the adverse consequences that he experienced as a result of receiving chemotherapy. Singleton stated that her son required a new heart and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

A Scene That Is Torturous To Behold

K.J. was visited on the Tuesday of each week by Kaleb and his mother for a period of several months. Painting was one of the activities that the boys enjoyed doing in addition to playing a wrestling video game.

The only bright spots in her son’s otherwise dark days, according to Singleton, were Kaleb’s trips to the hospital to see K.J. But for Kaleb, witnessing the decline of his best friend’s health was an excruciating experience.

The Most Difficult Goodbye

Things took a devastating turn on May 1, 2018, when Singleton revealed that she had learned her cherished kid did not have very much time left to live. She placed a call to Hall and Kaleb, and both of them made an effort to be with K.J. in his final moments.

According to Hall, her kid was crying as he said his goodbyes to his best friend while he was sitting next to him. According to reports, Singleton, a mother of six children, quit her job some months ago in order to be with her son when he was receiving full-time medical treatment at the hospital and to be with his primary caregiver.

Grave with No Name

Singleton was in a difficult situation due to the fact that she did not have a work at the time and was also responsible for caring for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. She laid K.J. to rest in a family gravesite, but she was unable to purchase a headstone for the burial.

After learning the basis behind Singleton’s concerns, Kaleb and his mother came to the conclusion that they needed to take action. The little boy, who had recently suffered the loss of a dear friend, took decisive action despite the fact that he was going through a tough period.

A Remarkable Present

As a result, Kaleb made the acquisition of a headstone for his pal the focus of his Christmas desire. Hall revealed that her kind-hearted son had raised money by collecting soda bottles and exchanging them for recycling deposits at local stores in order to raise money. In addition, with his mother’s assistance, Kaleb raked leaves and set up a PayPal campaign.

The mother-son team is alleged to have eventually amassed more than $2,500 to aid Singleton, who lost control of her emotions upon learning what the mother and son were up to. Singleton said with tearful expression:

“I cried because it was unexpected. I cried because I’m trying to figure out things from day to day. I can see his final resting place. I have a place I can go and be with him.”

A Sweet Response

When Kaleb was asked about the reason he felt compelled to gather money for the gravestone of his deceased friend, he responded in an unexpected way. The astute child stated that he did not wish for the mother of his friend to go to an unmarked tomb. He added:

“I love Ms. San. I was sad she couldn’t afford it. I wanted people to be able to find (K.J.’s grave) when they went to see him.”

Beloved beyond all Possible Limits

Singleton expressed how deeply moved she was by the love, affection, and dedication that little Kaleb had for his friend who had passed away. She said:

“I knew that they loved my son when he was alive. But I really really know that they love my son because even in his passing they’re still trying to help me.”

The two mothers, along with Kaleb, are said to have gone out to select a headstone for K.J., which was scheduled to be put in place before Christmas 2018.

A Brother, Son & Friend

When it was asked to Singleton what she wanted to be written on the gravestone of her cherished son, she responded with “K.J. Gross/Cherished brother, son, and friend.”

The mother had high hopes that the beautiful friendship that had developed between her sons, K.J. and Kaleb, would help bring people of all races together, thereby building love and community.

The family and friends of the young man who passed away in Michigan are in our thoughts and prayers. We have no doubt that his family and friends will always treasure and cling to the wonderful memories they have of him.