Little boy has adorable reaction to being adopted after 2 years in foster care

Adopting a kid in need of a loving home is one of the most selfless acts you can perform. It’s incredible to hear that a child has been adopted after spending so much time in foster care.

The reaction of this cute little boy to the news that he has finally been adopted demonstrates the importance of adoption.


Michael Brown, 3, is from Phoenix, Arizona. Little Michael has been in foster care for nearly two years of his brief life. But he now has a family that he can call his own.

Tara Montgomery, a single mother of three other children, was caring for Michael. Montgomery’s original intention was to reconnect Michael with his birth mother.


The adoption of Michael was then made official with all of the necessary paperwork. He had a loving home with the Montgomery family for the rest of his life. His response to the news was priceless. They photographed Michael and his new family to mark the event. The photos were shared on Twitter and quickly went viral!

“The photos are the definition of his personality,” his new-mom stated. “He couldn’t help but let everyone know that he was being adopted today. We are so happy to have Michael in our lives.”

Montgomery stated that she took the photos, which were then put online to urge other families to adopt children. “If you are thinking about it, just do it. The impact you are making will last a lifetime on the child.”