Lazy cow named Doris goes viral for pretending to sleep to avoid milking

Doris, the lazy cow, was caught on camera attempting to get more sleep while her companions were being milked.

A video of Doris the cow attempting to skip her milking routine by getting more sleep has gone viral on TikTok with over 1.5 million views.

Despite all her companions being milked, the Holstein-Friesian cow was captured on video attempting to stay asleep for an additional five minutes before being urged to start her milking routine.

John Brodie, a farmworker on the Isle of Wight, captured the mischievous cow’s behavior on camera. According to Mr. Brodie, Doris is a sluggish cow and typically the last one to engage in any activity.

During an interview with BBC Radio Solent, Mr. Brodie shared,

‘The reason I took it in the first place was because she was the only one in the barn. 

‘All the other cows had got themselves up. They’d wandered off as they do, to eat some silage before milking, but Doris had her head up and was looking at me and I watched her pop her head back down and think “nah, not today John”.

‘That’s why I got my phone out because I knew she was being typical Doris and trying to play me up. That’s what made me think I better get this on video.’

Mark Reed owns the farm where Doris is one of the 200 dairy cows that produce milk for local shops and Co-op branches on the Isle of Wight.

John can be heard in the video saying, ‘Everyone’s out getting ready milking, except for Doris. Doris. Come on. I can see your ears moving.’

When asked if Doris was lazy, Mr Brodie confirmed and said she thinks that by hanging back, she’ll get more attention. He also mentioned that Doris is enjoying her newfound fame but is not too bothered and is happy with her day-to-day routine.