Las Vegas airplane passengers faint in 111-degree heat before takeoff

Numerous passengers faced distress on Monday as they waited for their Delta Air Lines airplane to take off from the scorching Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, amidst a blazing heat wave reaching a staggering 111 degrees. The situation took a dramatic turn as the aircraft, bound for Atlanta, was taxiing behind a long line of more than a dozen other planes when the pilot made a disheartening announcement. According to Fox News, Fox field producer Krista Garvin, who was onboard the flight, reported that the pilot revealed they had to turn the plane around due to multiple emergencies.

Inside the cabin, the suffocating heat had taken its toll, causing several passengers to faint, and distressingly, some even soiled themselves. Flight attendants rushed up and down the aisles, equipped with oxygen tanks, in an attempt to provide aid to those in need. Disturbingly, a few attendants themselves fell ill during the approximately four-hour ordeal in which the plane remained idling on the tarmac.

In a desperate attempt to address the mounting medical concerns, at least five individuals were wheeled off the plane on stretchers, and the pilot instructed passengers to use their call buttons if they were experiencing a medical emergency. Despite the severity of the situation, passengers were faced with a difficult choice: disembark the plane and face the prospect of waiting for days to be booked on another flight to Atlanta, or endure the soaring temperatures while authorities tried to resolve the situation.

The Las Vegas airport experienced an extraordinary heatwave with temperatures soaring to extremes between 111 and 115 degrees, as reported by the National Weather Service. As the hours wore on, the heat inside the plane intensified, prompting authorities to bring stretchers onto the aircraft and order passengers to return to the airport terminal.

Finally, the flight was rescheduled for takeoff the following morning at 7 a.m. However, the disappointment continued as the passengers woke up to the news that their flight had been canceled once again.

Amidst the turmoil, an airport representative stated they were unaware of the incident, while Delta officials assured they were conducting a thorough investigation. Delta issued an apology for the harrowing experience their customers had to endure on flight 555 from Las Vegas to Atlanta on July 17, which ultimately led to the flight’s cancellation.

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