Kristin Chenoweth Shares Heartwarming Story of Adoption: “I Won the Lottery”

Kristin Chenoweth, an actress who has been a prominent figure in both theater and film for nearly three decades, has recently written a children’s book about adopting a dog, which prompted her to speak out about her own experience with adoption.

The 53-year-old performer, originally from Oklahoma, won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Sally Brown in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and received a nomination for her portrayal of Glinda in the musical “Wicked.”

After completing her master’s degree, Kristin Chenoweth moved to New York to help a friend move. While there, she auditioned for the musical “Animal Crackers” and landed the role of Arabella Rittenhouse, which turned out to be her big break.

Since then, she has had a successful career on both stage and screen, including television shows like The West Wing, for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in the comedic drama Pushing Daisies, and films such as Bewitched and Pink Panther.

Kristin Chenoweth, known for her successful career on stage and screen, has recently ventured into the world of book writing. Her new book “What Will I Do with My Love Today?” tells the story of adopting a dog, which inspired her to open up about her own heartwarming adoption story.

She described herself as being “rescued” and her father often jokes about whether they won the lotto to have her, to which she responds that she won the lottery.

Kristin was adopted by her parents Junie and Jerry when she was just five days old, and she revealed that they always talked openly about adoption with her.

Her parents told her that the woman who carried her couldn’t provide the care she wanted to and loved her too much to keep her.

During the presentation of her new book, Kristin also shared a touching story about adopting a dog, which she credits with changing her life. She even read an excerpt from the book, which encourages young readers to consider adopting a furry friend.

“Extra love in your heart and your home is waiting for somebody who is all alone” she read.

The act of adoption signifies the creation of a family, which is a bond that lasts forever, no matter how they came together in life. While they already had a lot of love in their family, adopting their dog Thunder has added even more love and joy.

Kristin Chenoweth, who served as a vocal advisor for Team Ariana on the popular television show “The Voice” last year, hinted that she may consider adoption in the future.

In October 2021, she became engaged to Josh Bryant, a country music guitarist. Her positive attitude towards adoption and how it should be viewed has surely helped many others come to terms with it, and it is hoped that she will continue to share her own uplifting story.