Kind police consoles a toddler after discovering him walking the streets by himself

He was under no obligation to stay with the boy, yet he did so nonetheless. He stated that he had the ‘human instinct to pick him up and soothe him,’ which was his explanation for his actions.

Officer James Hurst was dispatched to the scene as soon as the station received reports of a little child who was reportedly lost in the neighborhood by themselves.

Even though it is Hurst’s responsibility as an officer in Savannah, Georgia, to protect and serve the community, he went above and beyond the call of duty to do so.

The little boy was seen by concerned residents wandering around in the chilly weather, and they were concerned about his safety.

They contacted the police station for help, and Officer Hurst came.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Officer Hurst wasted no time in bringing that kid to safety. He was able to pick him up and transport him to a neighboring hospital for an examination.

The officer was captured on camera holding the small youngster when they were at the hospital. Because of the officer’s apparent compassion, the image gained a lot of attention rapidly.

Although he didn’t have to, he stayed with the boy.


Naturally, the young youngster got frightened and anxious throughout the hospital examination. Hurst was there to support him, standing at his side.

The boy was picked up and tightly held in his arms.

Hurst remarked to KTLA 5 News that the medical personnel was excellent and treated the young patient with such care. But when the youngster didn’t stop sobbing, the cop seized him and held him up against his chest. This immediately brought the young guy to calm.

The young boy slept down immediately, allowing the photographer to capture the now-iconic image. The image of Hurst exemplifies the most admirable qualities of people, and as a result, it has won the hearts of people all across the world.

Hurst, who is a father himself, said that he simply did what he thought was appropriate in the situation.


He does not require any adulation or appreciation. Officer Hurst explained to the media that he was merely doing his job, and that any other officer in the same situation would have acted the same way.

The toddler was undoubtedly in danger as he ambled down a busy street by himself. The hospital said that his condition was satisfactory. He was a fortunate young man to have Officer Hurst on his side, that much is certain.