Keith Urban waited for Nicole Kidman at 5 a.m. to give her gardenias. She still remains his “baby girl” 16 years later

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman discovered deep love in one other’s arms. Their love story has all the intensity of a genuine movie, even if the main characters are happy. After all, their marriage could have ended right from the start.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, a famous couple, had a rough relationship at first. She once said that it took him a while to realize that she was interested in him.

The singer and the actress first met when she made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in February 2017. At that time, she said he neglected to call her for several months.

“I had such a crush on him, but he was not interested in me. He did not call me for four months,” Kidman revealed. At the G’Day LA gathering in 2005, she met Urban.

In July 2018, the guitarist was open about the reason he did not express interest in his future bride, confessing he did not feel he was deserving of her. The Country Music Award winner clarified that it wasn’t a sad tale about his hesitation to get in touch with her and said he met her by chance but remained reserved:

“I thought she was way out of my league.

Urban revealed that he always carried Kidman’s contact information in his pocket after receiving it from someone. The songwriter was hesitant to call his potential love interest since she might have picked up and he would have been at a loss for words.

But it wasn’t just his nerves that were making him anxious. When he first met Kidman, Urban admitted he was not in the right frame of mind and never thought she would fall in love with him.

Urban summoned the bravery to call Kidman despite his reservations, and she answered. From that point on, there was uninterrupted communication between the two of them.

As a result of their ongoing communication and growing relationship, he chose to take a risk on her “38th birthday.” In 2019, Kidman recalled that Urban had visited her New York home “at 5 a.m. on my stoop” while carrying “gardenias.” She suddenly realized that he might turn out to be a future husband:

“That is when I went, ‘This is the man I hope I get to marry.'”

Urban then took her on a retreat to Woodstock, New York, the location of the 1969 music event. She adored the fact that they traveled by motorcycle (“My kind of guy!” she exclaimed). Since then, the two have been dating.

The star of “The Big Little Lies” spoke highly of their chemistry and their feelings for one another. Kidman genuinely thought Urban was the one for her at the time.

In spite of this, the pair wed in a charming ceremony in Manly, Australia, a year later, in 2006. Since then, they have made Nashville their home, where they are building their family.

The couple’s first child, a daughter named Sunday, was born in July 2008. Faith, their second child, was born via surrogate in December 2011.

Kidman & Urban’s Marriage Nearly Ended

Even though Kidman and Urban have been married for almost 20 years, their relationship nearly failed as soon as it started. Within four months of getting married, Urban’s prior drug and alcohol use became a significant issue for the couple.

After two stays in rehabilitation, the singer relapsed. He left the house for three months after his wife organized an intervention the year they got married. After being sober, Urban decided to change his life.

Additionally, he expressed regret for the suffering he caused his spouse and said that their marriage’s success after that trying time was due to grace. He was ultimately able to “shake off the shackles of addiction.”

In June 2016, the four-time Grammy Award winner reviewed his earlier drinking patterns and acknowledged that he was unable to “quit” drinking. He would “go at it again, drinking to get the edge off” and spending hours sleeping. Although he believed his addiction might cause his death, he nevertheless gave in because he did not “care” about the repercussions.

Urban added that meeting Kidman and subsequently marrying her “wasn’t life-changing, it was life-beginning,” acknowledging that she was vital to his recovery.

“It was literally like, ‘Okay, now life starts.’”

The Couple is Currently Living a “Simple” Life in Nashville.

Urban has developed a habit of praying every morning after being sober. He now has a schedule, and his life has improved.

He prays before rising each day, provides breakfast for the children, and sends them off to school.

For sixteen years, Urban has been married to the mom of his children. Kidman previously remarked that her husband and she both possess the ability to completely turn off the work mindset when they are both unoccupied.

She went on to say that they had worked hard to create a “good life in Nashville” for themselves, one that is laid-back, tranquil, and full of growth.

Additionally, she and her hubby still appear to be joyfully in love. The “Somebody Like You” singer referred to his stunning wife as “Babygirl” in an Instagram post homage as they celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in June 2019.

During the celebration of Kidman’s birthday in June 2022, Urban continued to use the same moniker. He wished her a happy birthday with the caption “Happy birthday, baby girl” beside a picture of him planting a kiss on her head.

When the two celebrated their anniversary in June of 2021, the CMA Award winner of thirteen times referred to the producer by the moniker. “Happy anniversary, baby girl,” he said in the card he gave her.

In June of 2021, Urban uploaded a snapshot to his Instagram account showing himself and Kidman laughing and leaning into each other while holding flowers and helium balloons. In the description of his post, he wrote “Happy birthday, baby girl!!!!”

In June of 2022, he and his wife celebrated their sixteenth wedding anniversary with a photo of the two of them wearing sunglasses as a memento of the occasion. “Happy anniversary,” Urban tweeted, accompanied by a number of different heart emojis.