Keith Urban grants the girl’s dying wish with a tender serenade

He went beyond simply serenading her. He provided her with strength and tranquilly when she needed them most.

Marissa English, a young woman of 25 years old, was born with multiple health conditions. She had water and an inoperable cyst on her brain.

She was also suffering from severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

She was also an avid Keith Urban fan.

She desired to attend the Keith concert.

Marissa’s dream was to attend a Keith Urban concert in person.

She desperately wanted this dream to come true, so she did everything she could to secure tickets before they were sold out.

She also ensured her fitness. Marissa remained hopeful that she would be well enough to attend Keith Urban’s concert in Toledo, Ohio.

She was ecstatic when she finally obtained her tickets!

Sadly, Marissa’s health rapidly deteriorated prior to the concert date. Due to her deteriorating health, she was unable to attend.

She was devastated because she knew this was her final opportunity to see Keith Urban.

As Jan Cassidy and the other nurses observed Marissa’s eyes, they realized that this young man desired to see the famous singer.

Her nurse put in a request.

In October 2018, another nurse, Laura Szyperski Biel, posted a social media campaign to contact Keith Urban.

Biel said in her post, “We are trying very hard to get the message to him of what it would mean for him to stop and see this patient while he is in town,”

The odds were slim, but they had to try.

Soon, Keith observed social media messages pouring in.

He made time in his schedule to visit Marissa.

At the time, she was a patient at Mercy Children’s Hospital. And indeed, the legendary Keith Urban entered Marissa’s hospital room and greeted her one day.

While in Toledo, Keith Urban took the time to visit a patient. ❤️❤️

The most memorable day of Marissa’s life.

“He sat with her and held her hand and talked to her and sang with her,” Marlise Matthews, Marissa’s mom said to ABC 13. “It was priceless. I mean, a dream come true.”

According to Marissa’s mother, her daughter is so devoted to Keith Urban that she wraps her pillows in his shirts.

She would embrace and kiss the pillow, referring to it as “Mr. Hottie.”

It was her method of coping with her illness.

Keith Urban brings her joy.

This so moved Keith Urban that he called Marissa “my biggest fan.”

Given that Marissa is Keith’s biggest fan, it was only appropriate that he sing to her.

After their conversation, he gave her a special gift.

He performed “Blue Is Not Your Color.”

Everyone observed Keith as he serenaded Marissa. They were all shedding tears.

“The overall calming effect it had on her, too,” Matthews said. “She’s been having a lot of difficult days, but she relaxed. Her heart rate actually came down which surprises me because I thought it would go up, but she was just enjoying the moment,” explained Matthews.

Following his visit to Marissa, Keith dedicated his subsequent concert to her and thanked all the nurses who made every effort to contact him.

The realization of Marissa’s dream gave her the strength to fight and be courageous.

Matthews posted on her Facebook account the sad news that Marissa had passed away.

Marissa lived life to its fullest extent. She was surrounded by those who loved her, and she now guides them from above.