Keith Urban fulfills a girl’s final desire with a tender serenade

He did more than just sing her a song. When she needed it most, he offered her calm and strength.

Marissa English, a 25-year-old woman, was born with a variety of medical issues. She developed a brain cyst that was inoperable and filled with water.

She also suffered from a severe case of scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

In addition to that, she was a loyal fan of Keith Urban.

She expressed interest in attending Keith’s show.

Marissa’s life’s dream was to attend a real, live performance of Keith Urban’s music.

She had a strong desire for this dream to come true, and she did everything in her power to ensure that she was able to purchase tickets before they were all purchased.

Additionally, she took care to maintain a healthy body. Marissa maintained her optimism that she would be able to overcome her illness in time to go to the live concert performance of Keith Urban in Toledo, Ohio.

When she eventually managed to get her tickets, she was overcome with joy.

Unfortunately, Marissa’s health took a sudden turn for the worst before the scheduled performance date. Because of the deterioration in her health, she was unable to be present.

She was inconsolable because she realized this would be her very last opportunity to witness Keith Urban perform live.

Marissa’s eyes were one of the first things Nurse Jan Cassidy and the other nurses noticed, and they realized that this young man had a burning desire to meet the well-known singer.

Her nurse put in a request.

In October of 2018, a second nurse by the name of Laura Szyperski Biel started a social media campaign in an effort to get in touch with Keith Urban.

In her post, Biel said: “We are trying very hard to get the message to him of what it would mean for him to stop and see this patient while he is in town.”

A long shot, but they had to try.

Soon after, Keith began to see a flood of messages coming in via various forms of social media.

He freed up some time in his calendar and went to see Marissa.

During that period, she was a patient at the Mercy Children’s Hospital in Kansas City. And true enough, it came to pass that one day, the great Keith Urban visited Marissa in the hospital and spoke with her.

The most memorable day of Marissa’s entire life.

Marissa’s mother, Marlise Matthews, spoke to ABC 13 about her daughter: “He sat with her and held her hand and talked to her and sang with her. It was priceless. I mean, a dream come true.”

The presence of Keith Urban brings her happiness.

This had such a profound effect on Keith Urban that he referred to Marissa as “my biggest fan.”

After their conversation, he offered her a special gift.

He sang “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Everyone gathered around to observe as Keith sang to Marissa. They were all wiping away their tears.

Matthews said:

“The overall calming effect it had on her, too. She’s been having a lot of difficult days, but she relaxed. Her heart rate actually came down which surprises me because I thought it would go up, but she was just enjoying the moment.”

After Keith’s visit to Marissa, he dedicated his subsequent show to her, and he also thanked all of the nurses who had done everything they could to get in touch with him.

Marissa’s wish came true, which fueled her determination to persevere through adversity.

Matthews shared the sad news with her Facebook friends that Marissa had passed away.

Marissa embraced every opportunity that came her way and made the most of every second of her existence. She was encircled by those who loved her, and now she watches over them from above.

Watch the video below to see Keith Urban perform a heartfelt ode to his most devoted supporter.