Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrate 16th wedding anniversary by sharing a rare vintage photo

In Hollywood, where the spotlight shines bright, many couples who bask in its glow fail to withstand the test of time, leading to more breakups than long-lasting relationships.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are considered one of the strongest pairs in Hollywood. With a 16-year long relationship, the two of them remain deeply in love.

At 55 years old, Nicole continues to be head-over-heels in love with her 54-year-old husband, and the feeling is mutual. Their affection and love for each other is highly visible, with fans around the world observing and commenting on their relationship.

Recently, Nicole shared a nostalgic photo from their wedding day, causing excitement and delight among fans globally. This rare photo has been a treat for all who admire the couple.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been a married couple since 2006, with their wedding taking place in Australia. Since then, they have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, who are now 13 and 11 years old, respectively.

In addition to her two daughters with Keith, Nicole is also a mother to two children from her previous marriage with Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, Connor and Isabella, who are now 27 and 29 years old.

The recent posting of their rare wedding photo came as a surprise to fans, as the couple didn’t share many pictures from their wedding day at the time.

While Nicole and Keith regularly share pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts, the lack of photos from their wedding day was noted by fans. Upon seeing the rare photo, fans globally expressed their surprise and left comments.

Nicole accompanied the photo with a short yet poignant caption that read “Sweet XVI,” followed by, “Remember this like it was yesterday. Forever.”

Her husband, Keith, being just as affectionate, also shared a photo of the two of them together, in celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Fans were expecting Keith to share another wedding photo, but instead, he posted a more recent picture of him and Nicole, appearing to be on vacation and enjoying themselves.

Despite the passing of time, the couple still looks just as joyful as they did in the throwback wedding photo. Their enduring love continues to inspire fans everywhere.

A fan commented: “You guys are the BEST celebrity couple, no contest.”

Many more well wishes and congratulations were added to their post, with comments such as “The journey you have both shared with us is a beautiful and inspiring one. Happy Anniversary!”

Indeed, this powerful couple has defied conventional expectations for relationships in the entertainment industry, serving as an inspiration for others.

Once again, Nicole and Keith have demonstrated that love can endure, even in the often turbulent landscape of Hollywood. Unlike some couples who struggle to maintain their relationship for even a short period of time, these two have shown that they are in it for the long term.

Their pictures alone convey their love story, but it is their unwavering commitment to one another and their obvious affection for each other that gives fans hope and belief in the existence of true love, even in the entertainment industry.

With a remarkable 16 years of marriage and beautiful children, Nicole and Keith appear to be blissfully happy and satisfied. Wishing them a very Happy Anniversary!