Keanu Reeves visits a small-town pub for a pint and takes pictures with the staff

“So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch. What a lovely man he was, too.”

One of the friendliest actors in Hollywood is known as Keanu Reeves. He once called an 80-year-old fan who had a crush on him to make her feel better. In addition, he has crashed weddings to pose for pictures with the bride and groom as well as purchased an ice cream cone for a fan and signed the receipt.

He’s a fantastic humanitarian who donated a significant portion of his “The Matrix” earnings to a cancer charity.

When he and a friend entered The Robin Hood pub on February 4 in Tring, Hertfordshire, about 30 miles outside of London, the “John Wick” actor was his customarily gracious self.

The staff at the pub in the charming, small market town with a population of 12,000 were taken aback to see such a high-profile celebrity enter the establishment, especially one who is renowned for being such a humble, likeable guy.

The Robin Hood’s Facebook page featured a photo of 18-year-old chef Scott Valentine and “The Matrix” actor.

“So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch,” they shared. “What a lovely man he was too. Laura asked if he would be ok with taking photos with the kitchen lads. He marched into the kitchen shook their hands, and praised them for the food they had prepared. Suffice to say he made their days!!!”

The restaurant’s staff reported that Reeves ordered traditional English fare. He entered the bar, ordered a Seafarers Ale, and then simply walked to the corner. He requested Nat’s shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, Laura Rolfe told The Mirror.

Valentine admitted to the BBC that he was anxious about serving such a famous person. Reeves, however, was grateful for the staff and enjoyed the food.

“It was a bit worrying because I had to cook for him, but we took it out to him and he said thank you and was really nice,” said Valentine. “He came into the kitchen, shook our hands and said the food was lovely.”

The Mirror speculated Reeves was working on a Disney Plus docuseries about Formula 1 but The Robin Hood staff is unsure of why Reeves was in Tring.

Reeves announced last year that he was making a film about Jenson Button’s improbable victory for Brawn GP in 2009. “Our story is about Honda withdrawing from F1 and Ross Brawn who had joined Honda a year and a half earlier,” Reeves said according to TalkSport.

“How did they race a world championship? It’s certainly a people story. It’s about passion,” Reeves added.

Whatever the reason Reeves was in a local bar, it’s great that everyone who encountered him had positive things to say about him. Reeves obviously understands that by treating others with kindness and humility, he can brighten their day and give them a memorable experience to share for the rest of time. Reeves deserves praise for using his notoriety to improve the lives of others. It seems like he never disappoints anyone given the numerous stories we’ve published about him being cool to fans.