Julia Roberts makes a lot of money, but she still cooks meals for 3 kids, sews clothes for them, and cleans kitchen

Julia Roberts, the renowned actress known for films like “Pretty Woman,” has chosen to prioritize being a stay-at-home parent since having children. However, she hasn’t let go of acting entirely and still takes on projects that interest her. Julia is now fully dedicated to her family, including her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, twins Hazel and Phinneas Moder, and their son, Henry Moder.

Describing her life as a mom as “very gratifying,” Julia takes care of every aspect of homemaking, from making breakfast and lunch to doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Although she enjoys her new full-time job, living at home can be repetitive at times.

While her children initially had no idea their mother was a Hollywood icon, they eventually caught on. Julia has taught her kids important life skills, including doing their laundry and caring for themselves. She enjoys having family meals together and likes to have breakfast and dinner with her kids.

Regarding her method of meal preparation, Julia takes inspiration from her mom, who taught her a lot about cooking. She still has a few tricks up her sleeve, even if she doesn’t travel as far as she used to. Cooking for her family is a “gift,” “honor,” and “luxury” that she cherishes.

As her kids grew older, they understood their mom was a great actress and began accompanying her when she traveled for movies. Having her children around keeps Julia grounded, and she stresses the importance of educating them on essential life skills. Despite her celebrity status, Julia prefers to be a typical parent at home. As Julianne Nicholson, her co-star, once said, “She’s a real mom. She’s a real person.”