Judge pays fine for woman living in car and eating one meal a day

Judge Francesco ‘Frank’ Caprio, renowned for sharing his courtroom experiences with viewers of Caught in Providence, recently made headlines again. In a recent case, he called upon a defendant named Medina to stand before him.

Medina explained to the court that her vehicle had been booted, rendering it undrivable, and expressed that she was going through a challenging period in her life.

She revealed that she had experienced stalking, homelessness, and sought refuge in her vehicle. Sadly, she disclosed that her car had been stolen, further exacerbating her situation.

When questioned about her employment status, Medina disclosed that she had recently been unemployed but had since found work in restaurants. She expressed her hope to negotiate a payment plan that would allow her to retain her vehicle, although she remained uncertain about the status of her driver’s license.

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Medina’s heartbreaking circumstances became apparent as she shared that she was surviving on just one meal a day with meager savings of $5 (£4) to her name. Judge Caprio acknowledged the immense hardships she had faced, commenting that she had “gone through a lot.”

Ultimately, Judge Caprio imposed a $400 (£316) penalty, specifying that $300 (£237) of the fine would be covered by the Filomena charity—an organization established in honor of Caprio’s mother, which accepts contributions and provides discretionary assistance.

Furthermore, the judge granted Medina one month to pay the remaining $100 (£79) and encouraged her to inform the court if she encountered difficulties meeting the deadline. He assured her that if her situation did not improve, arrangements would be made to address the outstanding balance.

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Judge Caprio emphasized that Medina’s vehicle would be released upon leaving the court, granting her the ability to regain her mobility. He expressed his belief in considering people’s circumstances rather than solely enforcing strict penalties.

Before concluding the proceedings, the judge arranged for $50 (£39) in cash to be provided to Medina, ensuring she had something to eat. This gesture brought a smile to her face and provided a moment of solace amid her challenging circumstances.

Judge Caprio’s compassionate actions have garnered widespread praise, with many viewers expressing their belief that the world needs more individuals like him.