Johnny Depp won’t return to Pirates of the Caribbean due to Disney dropping him during Amber Heard abuse case

Johnny Depp fans eagerly hoping for his return as Captain Jack Sparrow will be disappointed to learn that the actor has no intentions of working with Disney again, as revealed by

Despite intense speculation and reports suggesting a potential return that could earn him a hefty sum of $20 million, Depp’s close friends affirm that he has permanently severed ties with Disney due to their abrupt abandonment during his ex-wife Amber Heard’s abuse accusations.

Disney Studios President Sean Bailey recently made waves in the media by stating that the studio remains undecided about Depp’s comeback, seemingly leaving a door open for him after his legal victory in Virginia last year concerning the domestic abuse allegations.

However, after contemplating his options for several months and approaching his 60th birthday on Friday, sources close to Johnny Depp reveal that he has no interest in participating in a Disney film.

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According to insiders, Johnny Depp still bears resentment towards Disney for their abrupt dismissal when false allegations of domestic abuse emerged. A close friend of Depp stated, “They blind dropped him even though Amber had lied her a** off.” While Depp previously mentioned at Cannes that he doesn’t feel boycotted by Hollywood, he remains deeply angered by the handling of the domestic abuse claims and has chosen to prioritize a life away from the industry.

The friend further revealed that Depp has made a firm decision: regardless of how lucrative the offer may be or the nature of the role, he will never return to work on a studio film for Disney. In fact, the likelihood of him accepting any studio film offer in the future seems highly improbable.

Disney was not the only studio to sever ties with Depp at the first sign of trouble. For instance, despite being the godfather to Tim Burton’s children and their long-standing friendship, Depp declined to make an appearance in Warner Bros’ second Beetlejuice film. This decision, as friends disclosed, stems, at least in part, from his reluctance to collaborate with Warner Bros again, following his removal from the Fantastic Beasts franchise after losing his libel case in London.

After enduring five years dominated by legal battles against his former wife Amber Heard, Depp is now refocusing on his career, emphasizing music, art, and directing arthouse films.

Johnny Depp’s blockbuster era appears to be a thing of the past, as he expressed disinterest in Hollywood during the Cannes Film Festival. He emphasized his focus on authentic self-expression through art and music, rather than speaking someone else’s words.

While he may occasionally take on passion projects like his 2020 film “Minamata,” the source suggests that he will primarily devote his time to painting and making music in France. Additionally, Depp has been supporting his late friend Jeff Beck’s widow, Sandra, and recently spent time with her on his island in the Bahamas.

During the Cannes screening of “Donny Brasco,” Depp received a seven-minute standing ovation, which some considered artificial as only a specific section of the audience stood and cheered.

Critics’ reviews of the film were generally lukewarm, with few positive remarks, though some saw Depp’s more subdued performance as an improvement over his exaggerated portrayal of Jack Sparrow.

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