Johnny Depp visibly emotional as he received standing ovation lasting seven minutes for latest movie

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

The response at the Cannes Film Festival has left Johnny Depp deeply moved and overwhelmed.

Stepping onto the red carpet for the first time since his highly-publicized defamation trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was greeted with an outpouring of screams from enthusiastic fans and the clicking of cameras capturing his every move. Sporting a smile on his face, the actor exuded confidence as he made his way into the theater for the premiere of his new film, Jeanne du Barry.

The atmosphere inside the venue was electric as the crowd spontaneously rose to their feet, erupting into applause to welcome Depp back to the big screen. According to reports from Variety, the audience’s appreciation for his talent extended beyond mere applause, culminating in a remarkable standing ovation that persisted for an extraordinary seven minutes. Overwhelmed by the tremendous display of support, Depp could be seen holding back tears, visibly moved by the resounding reception.

The impact of the defamation trial on Depp’s career remained uncertain. He had previously been removed from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise, and his involvement in the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean series had come to an end.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

Although Johnny Depp had only been involved in a few minor projects during his absence from the big screen, his future in the industry seemed uncertain. However, the overwhelming response he received from the crowd in France indicates that he has made a triumphant return.

Despite facing some criticism and backlash, with certain critics arguing that Cannes should not support or showcase Depp in any capacity, the director of the Cannes Film Festival addressed the issue and expressed their unwavering support for the actor.

Thierry Frémaux, speaking ahead of the festival’s commencement, emphasized the importance of freedom of thought, speech, and acting within the boundaries of the law. He highlighted that had Johnny Depp been banned from acting in a film or if the film itself had been banned, it would not have been a subject of discussion at the festival.

Regarding the controversy surrounding Depp’s presence, Frémaux mentioned that it arose once the film’s announcement was made because of the knowledge that Johnny had worked on a film in France. He deferred questions about the casting choice to the film’s director, Maiwenn, and admitted that he, personally, did not possess a deep interest in the highly publicized trial, as his focus was primarily on Depp as an actor.

While Jeanne du Barry has received mixed reviews from critics, it remains evident that Depp continues to be adored by fans worldwide.

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