John Travolta misses his late wife as ‘dance partner’ during her 60th birthday

John Travolta and Kelly Preston had an incredible romance that lasted nearly three decades. They relied on each other as they faced life’s challenges.

The lovebirds were the epitome of a power couple, and their romance enthralled many fans. But, sadly, everything came to an end in 2020 when the actress and model died.

Travolta has kept Preston’s memory alive and has always celebrated her in the years since her death. Preston was recently honored again by the “Saturday Night Fever” actor. Travolta took to Instagram to commemorate what would have been her 60th birthday.

He shared a photo of himself and his late wife at an event. The Oscar nominee was dressed in a black suit and shirt in the photo.

On the other hand, Preston opted for a plain black dress, a perfect contrast to her blonde hair. The couple embraced each other and smiled heartily for the camera. Travolta captioned the picture:

“Happy Birthday to my favorite dance partner! We love you and miss you too, Kelly.”

Soon after the post went live on Instagram, fans, friends, and celebrities flocked to the comments section to congratulate Preston. Some internet users wished the late model a happy birthday, while others encouraged Travolta.

They wished the actor would stay strong as Preston watched over him and his family. Travolta’s late wife will always be remembered as a fantastic spouse, mother, movie star, and dancer.

Travolta and Preston shared many things, one of which was their love for dance. The couple’s shared love for dance was one of the things that connected them when they first crossed paths at a screen test for “The Experts.”