Jeremy Renner posted a picture of his loyal “protector” dog by his side after he was in an accident

Having a loyal dog by your side can be a source of comfort, especially during difficult times. For actor Jeremy Renner, his dog Hershey has been a special source of support during his recovery from a serious snowplow accident earlier this year. Renner recently shared a heartwarming photo of Hershey sitting on his bed, seemingly keeping watch over him.

After suffering blunt chest trauma and breaking over 30 bones in his body, Renner was airlifted to the hospital and spent time in the intensive care unit. He later shared updates on his progress, expressing gratitude for the support of family, friends, and fans.


Renner referred to Hershey as his “sweet love” and “little protector” in the photo he posted. As he continues to heal, the unwavering loyalty of his furry companion brings comfort and joy.


As Renner wrote in a Valentine’s Day post featuring Hershey, “Love is healing.” The bond between a dog and their human can be a powerful force during times of illness or injury, as their unconditional love can mean everything.