Jennifer Garner says she  “can’t believe how sweet” Jennifer Lopez is to her children

Jennifer Garner, who has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, is supposed to have a close relationship with Affleck’s new wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The year 2022 has provided us with some of the most spectacular examples of celebrity weddings. The weddings of “Twilight” heartthrob Taylor Lautner and his longtime girlfriend Taylor Dome, “The Fast and the Furious” heroine Jordana Brewster and her husband Mason Morfit, and “Full House” star Jodie Sweetin and her husband Mescal Wasilewski are among the most memorable.

However, the wedding of “Justice League” actor Ben Affleck and “Marry Me” actress Jennifer Lopez continues to be the one that receives the most media attention. The couple was married in a private ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas during their initial elopement in the month of July.

A month later, they held a spectacular wedding at Affleck’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia, which consisted of a rehearsal dinner on Friday, the ceremony on Saturday, and a barbecue and picnic on Sunday. The ceremony began on the first day of the three-day weekend with a picnic on Sunday.

After the newlyweds spoke their vows and exchanged rings, they jetted off to Paris for their honeymoon before returning home to resume their lives.

Sources suggest that Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner have been getting along fairly well and have even been “bonding” because of their children. This comes despite the fact that the transition must have been challenging for both of them. A source close to the situation told Us Magazine that Jennifer Garner “can’t believe how kind” Lopez was to her children.

What Kind of Relationship Does Jennifer Lopez Have with Jenniffer Garner’s Children?

There is a strong kinship between Lopez and her stepchildren, one that began even before she and Affleck tied the knot in their wedding ceremony. Affleck and Lopez were seen out house hunting in Los Angeles in April, accompanied by Affleck and Garner’s son Samuel.

A photograph was taken on the deck of a mansion, and in it, Lopez was seen cuddling up to Affleck  while holding his hand. The photograph was later published. The three people seemed as though they were enjoying the beautiful scenery from the house balcony.

Again in August, Lopez was seen spending time with her stepdaughter Seraphina and daughter Emme. The group was spotted exiting the St. James Theatre after the Broadway musical of “Into the Woods” before going out for lunch at Sadelle’s.

The same day, while the trio was at Bergdorf Goodman for some shopping, the “Maid in Manhattan” actress was spotted spending time with her daughter Emme, her sister Lynda Lopez, and her oldest stepdaughter Violet.

The “The Wedding Planner” star was later seen hanging out with Violet again not long after she wed Affleck. The two were strolling about town with beverages and small meals in their hands, looking as though they were enjoying the afternoon. Later, as they were driving about the city, Lopez allowed Violet to take the wheel.

What does Jennifer Lopez think about co-parenting with Jennifer Garner?

The Jennifers are deliberately thinking about how to raise their kids and successfully reunite their enormous blended family. According to reports, they have been learning parenting skills from one another.

Lopez expressed her admiration for Garner and Affleck’s cordial co-parenting arrangement in a recent interview, but she pointed out that she did not enjoy the same luxury because her ex-husband and the children’s father, Anthony, lived on the East Coast.

The actress described Garner as a wonderful co-parent and said the two get along well with Affleck to make sure their children are happy despite their parents’ divorce.

The children of Garner and Affleck are all teenagers, and Lopez understands that they are in a stage of life where they have a lot of emotions that need to be handled delicately.