Jealous mother, 57, suffering ’empty nest syndrome’ punched her policeman son in the face

A police constable’s lone mother, who assaulted and frequently harassed him while claiming to have “empty nest syndrome,” has been barred from speaking to him for 18 months.

Pauline Randles, 57, began her relentless campaign of harassment because she was envious of her 30-year-old son PC Simon Randles moving out and living with his new lover.

Randles, of Neston, Cheshire, hit PC Randles in the knee and attacked him in the face after alleging Lauren Stocker, his partner, was “taking him away from her.”

During the heated argument, she threatened to kill Lauren Stocker if she saw her, and when Ms. Stocker attempted to leave, she stepped in the way of the vehicle.

She wrote her son, a recently trained British Transport Police officer, hostile messages over a six-week period, including the following: “I wish you were aborted – I wish you were sacked from your job.”

She “emotionally abused” her son by threatening to overdose on drugs if he would not meet her requirements “immediately” and by sending photographs of a kitchen knife with the threat that she would use it to sever her wrists.

PC Randles said in a statement that the stress of his mother’s harassment forced him to be hospitalized.

He had anxiety and despair today and requested a restraining order because, in his words, the ‘situation had gone on for far too long.’

Mrs. Randles entered a guilty plea to two counts of criminal charges, harassment, and assault, at Warrington Magistrates’ Court.

Her attorney claimed the 18-month restriction on contact with PC Randles would be “like a bullet to her heart” since it would encompass Christmas. She was also fined £120 and given a 12-month community service requirement.

While working as a delivery driver and a special constable for BTP, PC Randles lived with his mother and had a strong connection with her in the past. However, she started having problems as he moved out to live with Miss Stocker after he finished his official police training.