James Garner and Lois Clarke married after just 14 days dating and lived together until death do them part

Each love story is unique. Some people search for their soulmate for years. Others find their soulmates immediately away.

James Garner fell for Lois Clark at first sight.


They were introduced to one another at the BBQ hosted by a mutual friend.

During that same moment, he had the unequivocal realization that she was the one.

She invited her out to dinner, and they left the house straightaway.

James recounted the following in his memoir, which he wrote in the year 2012:

“I fell in love for the first and last time on August 1, 1956, at an Adlai Stevenson for President barbeque. That’s where I met Lois Clarke. It was love at first sight. The thunderbolt. She was as beautiful as she was sweet… It was a barbeque and I ended up in the pool with the children.”

They dated together for a total of fourteen days.


And following that, they ultimately decided to tie the knot.

The event took place at a courthouse in Beverly Hills on August 17, 1956.

The majority of people disapproved of them getting married.


The first persons to resist him were members of his own family.

In their eyes, the two shared very nothing in common at all. They don’t have anything in common, thus it’s almost inevitable that they’ll split up and cause each other sorrow.

First, James was a member of Methodist, whereas Lois was of the Jewish faith. He was originally from Oklahoma, whereas she was born and raised in California. On top of that, it was James’s second marriage at the time.

At six feet three inches, James was a bit taller than Lois. He preferred being outdoors, whilst she enjoys spending time inside. She was a dreamer, whereas he considered himself a realist.

To the pair, none of those things were important.


He said: “None of the naysayers had stopped to consider that Lois and I complemented each other. What they saw as weaknesses, we saw as strengths.”

They created their family collectively.


Lois got married, and the two were parents to a girl.

Her given name was Gigi.

Kim, Lois’s first child, was later adopted by James, completing the joyful and harmonious family they had.

Their marriage was not at all perfect.


Just like most couples, they had disagreements and problems.

In fact, they lived separately for about three months in 1970.

James constantly denied the fact that he had dated with a guest star on The Rockford Files broadcast, despite the fact that there were rumors to that effect.


He said:

“Lois and I were never in serious trouble. Ninety-nine percent of the problem was the pressures of Rockford. It wasn’t us, it was me needing to get away to get my head together.”

Their union lasted for almost 60 years.

James passed away at the age of 86 due to unavoidable natural causes, and they remained together till the very end.

Despite the fact that they had only known each other for a total of 14 days before to getting married, they were nevertheless able to triumph over the various obstacles that were placed in their path.

Their experience demonstrates that even though two people appear to be different from each other, love will find a way to bring them together if it is meant to be.