‘It’s great to feel loved’: Teacher got big surprise from her former students after beating cancer

A group of former students decided to give their favorite high school choir teacher a special thank you gift after discovering that she had beat cancer.

Back in 2016, Gabrielyn Watson believed she was going to a meeting at Chicago’s Morgan Park High School when one of her former students entered the hallway and began singing Amazing Grace.

Watson collapsed in tears and laughter as more former students showed up from doorways and around corners.

“I realized that I never really had a chance to tell her know exactly how influential she was to my life,” said alum Peter Frank, who was a finalist on season 10 of “American Idol.”

“Because of you, I’m everything I am today, and I really thank you,” in the video, he tells her while sobbing.

After regaining her composure, Ms. Watson joined in the singing and dancing in the touching moment that was captured on camera and supported by Kleenex.

Watson was in remission after having to take seven months off of work earlier to fight multiple myeloma. For nearly 17 years, she had been a choir teacher.

“I never thought I’d see them all together like that,” she said. “It’s just great to feel loved, and that what you do matters.”