Iron worker’s miraculous survival after 150-foot fall from bridge inspires hope

The incident took place on the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Detroit and Canada, where a Canadian steel worker fell while working on the bridge. Fortunately, a group of compassionate individuals, acting as good Samaritans, swiftly came together to rescue the man after he plummeted 150 feet.

A family, who happened to be fishing nearby, witnessed the terrifying moment when the steel worker went over the side of the bridge. Reacting promptly, they rushed to seek assistance.

In a remarkable act of heroism, a young girl and her relative urgently knocked on the door of a J.W. Westcott Co. office, alerting them to the dire situation unfolding on the bridge.

The combined efforts of these quick-thinking individuals played a crucial role in saving the life of the fallen steel worker, showcasing the power of compassion and teamwork in times of crisis.

J.W. Westcott Co. is a prominent marine delivery service that serves the entirety of the Great Lakes region.

“We heard a loud banging on our side door that somebody had fallen from the bridge,” says employee Sam Buchanan.

Immediately after the girl helped indicate the location where the man had fallen into the water, he and his team sprang into action.

“He really wasn’t swimming. He was bobbing in the water and he had no life jacket.,” says Buchanan. “Once we got him out we put a blanket on him and reassured him.”

Following his rescue from the water, 27-year-old Spencer Baker appeared to be in a state of confusion. The sudden and traumatic experience likely left him disoriented and bewildered.

“He just kept asking why he was wet and what happened, over and over and over and I said you fell off a bridge,” says Buchanan.

Fortunately, both the boat and Spencer Baker safely returned to dry land after the harrowing incident. Once at the hospital, Baker received the necessary medical treatment and care.

Despite enduring a few broken bones and numerous bruises, he remained in good spirits. A heartwarming photo captured him beaming with joy alongside his 4-month-old daughter, a touching moment that speaks to his strength and resilience throughout the ordeal.

Buchanan is being hailed as a hero, yet he emphasizes the importance of teamwork in the miraculous rescue.

“The people who really deserve the credit are the people who saw him fall in and did something,” he says.

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