iPhone users are cautioned of sneaky technique that allows others to view their erased texts

The convenience of deleting texts has been a blessing for those of us who sometimes type before we think. However, the deleted messages may not be entirely gone from the digital realm. This realization might instill fear in you, urging you to be more cautious about the thoughts you put into words.

It’s essential to think twice before committing something to the keyboard, as someone might have access to your phone one day and stumble upon everything you were hoping to keep concealed.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
Think these messages are gone? Think again. Credit: TikTok/@kaansanity

Indeed, the scenario you described can be a recipe for another falling out and highlights the importance of being cautious about what we say, even in private conversations. In a situation where you have a heated moment and vent to another friend about someone, there’s always a risk that those words might resurface unintentionally, leading to awkward or hurtful situations.

This serves as a reminder that we should strive to practice mindfulness and respect in our interactions, even during moments of frustration or anger. Being mindful of what we say about others, especially in a digital age where messages can easily be accessed, can help prevent misunderstandings and preserve our relationships.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
Deleted messages can be recovered. Credit: TikTok/@kaansanity

Indeed, the situation can be precarious, and even with a couple of swift clicks to delete messages, it’s still possible for someone to recover the conversation stream of deleted texts. TikToker @kaansanity shared a method on the platform that can potentially reveal all the deleted messages, including drunk texts, embarrassing admissions, and heat-of-the-moment criticisms.

To find these deleted messages, one would need to navigate to Settings, tap on their name, go to iCloud, and then select Show All and Messages. By clicking on Manage Storage and Top Conversations, the phone can potentially recover deleted texts, making them visible to the very person you were hoping to keep them hidden from, provided they know where to look.

@kaansanity Did y’all know this? 😳 #iphonetrick #iphonetricks #iphonetips ♬ original sound – aakaanksh

TikTokers have issued a warning that updating your phone may grant you access to all features, including the ability to recover deleted texts, which could potentially lead to undesirable consequences.

After discovering the hack, one person commented, “Do you have any idea how many relationships you just broke up?”

Another shared their experience, saying, “This post got me late for work reading old messages from my ex.”

It’s evident that accessing deleted texts can lead to unintended outcomes and can be a rabbit hole best avoided.

With no way to prevent people from using the hack, being aware of its existence should prompt caution in your messaging. Remember to think before you type to avoid any potential pitfalls.

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