Instacart delivery lady went with her gut and ultimately saved customer’s life

The human sense of intuition remains one of the more enigmatic facets of our existence. Often referred to as the “sixth sense,” it eludes direct observation or measurement, yet countless individuals have encountered its influence in various ways. Whether arriving as a potent inkling that something is awry or as a conviction regarding the right course of action, intuition can be elusive. Not every internal sensation qualifies as genuine intuition, making it a challenge to decipher. Nevertheless, numerous instances exist where individuals have placed their trust in their instincts, resulting in gratifying outcomes.

Artist crafts mesmerizing portraits using nothing but pebbles

A tale of this nature has gained widespread attention on TikTok. Jessica Higgs, a mother working as an Instacart grocery delivery person, shared a poignant story through an emotional video, highlighting the significance of heeding one’s inner voice, particularly when it urges one to check on someone’s well-being.

“I just want to start this off by saying if you see something, say something,” Higgs expressed.

She recounted that the previous day, she had fulfilled an Instacart order for a daughter who was making a purchase on behalf of her elderly father, who couldn’t manage shopping on his own. Her dedication to going above and beyond for customers was evident, and she shared that the daughter had advised her to drop the groceries off on the porch for the father to retrieve—a process she typically followed.

“I get there and something was telling me no, you gotta help this man out,” she said. “He came out, and I was like OK let me help you, and I got the groceries. You’re not supposed to go into someone’s house, but I used my judgment and I brought the groceries inside and put them down wherever he wanted me to put them down. You’re not supposed to, but I did. And you’re supposed to just take a picture and leave, and I could not just leave.”

Concerned by the man’s apparent illness, Higgs felt compelled to act. An inner voice persisted, urging her, “You gotta say something. You gotta say something, Jess.” Instead of finalizing the order, she messaged the man’s daughter, acknowledging the potential unprofessionalism of her message but expressing her genuine worry about the father’s condition.

“There’s a propane tank in there,” she told the woman. “I was in there maybe five feet and I got dizzy. There’s got to be a leak. He might not be doing good because of this leak.”

The woman mentioned she would dispatch her son to inspect the situation, and Higgs took her leave. While the woman’s gesture of increasing the tip from $14 to $100 was appreciated, the message she received the following morning proved to be an even more significant reward for Higgs’ exceptional effort.

Expressing her gratitude, the woman wrote, “Thank you so much, once my son went to check on my dad it turned out it was definitely leaking.” “You definitely saved my dad and my younger son’s life!!!”

With tears in her eyes, Higgs remarked, “I’m just an Instacart worker, but if you see something, say something. I did and I’m so happy I did.”

Higgs’ TikTok video has garnered over 15 million views and has been widely shared across social media platforms. Furthermore, her act of heroism captured the attention of prominent companies.

Royal Caribbean Cruises responded by sharing their own TikTok video, commending Higgs for her heroic deed and extending an offer of a seven-day cruise for her and her family to any destination worldwide. The company playfully added, “Cause even heroes need a vacation.”

@royalcaribbean Stitch with @jessicahiggs3 – cause even heroes need a vacation. Thanks @captaincruiseguy ♬ When I Ride – Ashley Mehta

Old Navy reached out to her and organized a shopping spree, during which she had the opportunity to model numerous new outfits. People Magazine chimed in, stating, “You’re literally a HERO! Good job trusting your instincts. 💕” Even TikTok itself wrote, “You are amazing ❤️thank you for sharing this with all of us.”

Many commenters highlighted that she isn’t simply “just an Instacart worker.” Her work holds significance, providing a necessary service, and any task carried out with the intention of aiding others should not be belittled. Her effective execution of her job played a pivotal role; had she not been there, the man’s life might have been in jeopardy. The impact each of us can have by looking out for one another, whether friend or stranger, should never be underestimated.

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