Inspirational tale of a black woman who adopted and raised three white children

Three children were raised by Treka Engleman. While being a mom is never simple, Treka also faces her own unique set of difficulties. Treka, a 32-year-old Black lady who is alone, is raising three white children. Internet bullies have attacked her mixed family, but Treka firmly believes that love has no race. She has experienced everything, from being mistaken for the kids’ babysitter to being accused of “perpetuating a slave mentality.” She was only six years old when her mother passed away. She now wishes that other kids might at least experience the maternal love that she was unable to.


In 2016, Treka fostered her first kid. Elijah Lee Hill, who was 6 days old, had a drug-addicted mom. The sisters of Alexis Bowman, who was then 13 years old, and Mercedes Bowman, who was 16 years old, were placed in her care the following year. The girls spent many years in the foster care system. Treka made the decision to adopt them after they became close. On November 1, 2019, she legally became their mother, according to TODAY. The Englemans have each other, even though the journey has not been simple. The Cincinnati resident told, “People were writing things like, ‘All these Black kids in foster care and she goes and adopts White kids.’” She added: “They accused me of self-hatred and all this terrible stuff.”

Treka is the youngest of 11 children, and she comes from a large family. Despite the fact that she never received parenting instruction over the years, she was frequently assigned to watch her nieces and nephews. Treka thinks that this is what gave her the confidence to decide to become a foster parent. She did some research and discovered that anyone over the age of 21, married or not, is eligible to become a foster parent. She made the difficult decision to complete the requirements to become qualified to foster children with the support of her family. She said to Cafe Mom, “Hearing the stories about some children that go through foster care just brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart.” 


Elijah was barely a few days old and a drug addict when Treka first adopted him. She stated about the boy, “He’s been attached to my hip ever since.” The Bowman siblings were to be placed in her care after that. But only Alexis showed up on the day they were meant to. Mercedes was transferred to a group home as a result of getting into problems. Alexis suffered from this separation, and Treka made the decision to bring the sisters back together at whatever cost.