Infants deserted in diapers on garbage bags – pastor adopts them and offers them a fresh start in life

Upon noticing something unusual, the chef at this church chose to conduct an investigation, resulting in two infants being granted the opportunity to flourish.

As he was finishing up for the night, Mark Purcell, the executive chef at Pasco Metropolitan Ministries, carried a few bags of trash outside to be picked up the following day. It was then that he noticed something peculiar, or so he thought.

Purcell noticed a pile of what appeared to be two dolls placed atop other trash bags in close proximity. However, he could not shake off the impression that he saw one of the dolls move.

After taking a closer look, Purcell came to the realization that the objects he had initially mistaken for dolls were, in fact, two defenseless infants.

Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay/YouTube

Abandoned in the cold, the two babies were found wearing nothing but diapers. The older child had on a pair of shoes, but with no socks. The younger infant appeared to be only about six months old, while the older one was estimated to be around two years old.

Just as Purcell was inspecting the infants, he heard a sound and spun around to investigate. It was then that he discovered the babies’ mother, cowering around the corner.

Purcell was informed that both the mother and her babies were homeless. The mother was concerned about her children’s future and recognized her inability to provide them with a good life. She had been living in a tent with her children until then, but she was no longer capable of taking care of them on her own.

Afterwards, the chef got in touch with one of the church’s pastors, Krystal Stewart, who confirmed that she and her husband could provide care for them temporarily.

Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay/YouTube

The pastor was already familiar with these children, as the mother and her infants had occasionally visited the church’s soup kitchens before. During one of these visits, the pastor had inquired about the children’s welfare and offered to let the mother give them a bath at her home.

Upon delivering the infants to the pastor’s residence, Purcell was taken aback to witness that the babies were covered in insect bites and were unclean. Upon seeing this, Stewart cleaned and bathed them. The children were so grimy that she had to empty and refill the bathtub twice.

After a couple of days, the mother of the babies requested Stewart and her husband to take care of the children while she sorted out their living arrangements. A social worker was present during this time and made it clear that if the Stewarts were unable to keep the children, they would have to be placed in the foster care system.

“This was not talked about, but we just looked at each other, and we knew there was no other option. Of course we said yes.” – Krystal Stewart.

In due course, the Stewarts developed an emotional bond with the infants. Over the following months, the babies reciprocated their affection and grew increasingly attached to the Stewarts.

Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay/YouTube

Despite already having three children of their own, Stewart and her husband gradually came to the realization that the boys they had taken under their wing had become an integral part of their family, both in their hearts and in their actions. Thus, they initiated the process of legally adopting the children.

The story of the babies and their journey was subsequently featured in a news segment on YouTube, which rapidly gained widespread popularity and became viral.

Thus far, the video has amassed over 1.4 million views and has received more than 1,300 comments and 100 likes. Some of the comments left by viewers include:

Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay/YouTube

The two infant boys featured in this account have been exceedingly fortunate. They have transitioned from an unfavorable situation to a nurturing and capacious household, where they are guaranteed to prosper and flourish as bona fide members of the Stewart family.