In her speech at the Walk of Fame, Christina Applegate emphasized the value of being there for friends

Following the announcement of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Christina Applegate recently made her first public appearance and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The “Married… With Children” actress made jokes while highlighting the value of being present for friends.

Katey Sagal was clearly visible behind Applegate, sometimes literally supporting her as she walked with the aid of a cane. In the 1990s, Sagal portrayed Peg Bundy, the mother of Kelly Bundy (played by Applegate), in the movie “Married… With Children.”

Even though the speech was moving on its own, the emotional impact was amplified by seeing Sagal stand guardian-like and listen as her television daughter-turned-friend spoke. The support staff at Applegate didn’t end there. She was joined by her two “Dead to Me” co-stars and her TV brother David Faustino as she sobbed while speaking about how much they meant to her.

Friendship is something that is easily taken for granted and that often fails to endure the difficult times in life. But it appears as though Applegate has discovered a group of friends who demonstrate how crucial it is to create the family you desire by keeping track of the friends who show up. Applegate said while fighting back tears, “I have family; I don’t have friends. These individuals look after me. Every day of my life, they take care of me, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

Watch Applegate’s speech if you ever needed a reminder of how crucial community building is. When celebrating the good times, you want to be with the people who show up for the difficult situations. Watch her speech down below.