“I’m poor ain’t I?”, little boy with a sweetly thick Southern accent asks his grandmother

Jake Boone is a lovely young man who has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Due to the fact that Jake does not shy away from expressing his thoughts and ideas under all circumstances, his family decided to start filming him throughout his regular activities.

The most endearing quality about him is the charming manner in which he speaks, which makes him sound like an old southern gentleman.

Jake Boone is a native of the Kentucky town of Sunfish, which is a rather small village.

Jake gains much of his knowledge and experience in life from his grandparents, with whom he spends a significant amount of time working on the family farm.

Jake’s “grammy” is the woman who appears in the majority of the videos and quizzes Jake on various aspects of life on the farm.

Grammy recognizes the uniqueness of Jake and does not want to miss out on any of his milestones.

Jake, who was only three years old at the time, was awarded the first-place prize of $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

A video was submitted in by Jake’s parents showing him “assisting” his mother with the preparation of the shopping list. Despite the fact that he was unable to write at the time, he was determined to make a list of everything that his mother required from the store.

After making its premiere on America’s Funniest Home Videos, it quickly gained popularity on YouTube.

The family of Jake decided to create his own YouTube channel called “Life According to Jake Boone” so that they could document and discuss all of his milestones.

More than 35,800 people have subscribed to Jake’s channel, while his personal Facebook page with the same name has an audience of 706,399 people.

Jake is the man!


According to what Jake’s mother shared with their neighborhood news station WBKO,

“He’s like a old person in a little person’s body. He says some of the funniest things. And he’s really a sweet kid. He has a good heart.”


Jake and his grammy were having a conversation one morning at the table when she began recording.

The subject was farm life, but any conversation with Jake will inevitably result in some innocent humor.

He questioned if he was poor.


Jake is describing to his grandmother the flatbed truck and trailer that he uses for work near the cows. 

There is no need for embellishment in this regard because he already own his very own flatbed truck and a trailer.

Cool toys for this dude!

He then shifts the focus of the talk to the straw that is grown on the farm.

He reassures his grandmother that he does not need to load it himself because that is something that his grandfather does.

When that happens, Jake’s thoughts begin to wonder. Pappy may have two trailers, but he only uses one of them.

“I’m poor, ain’t I?” Jake consults with his grandmother for the answer.

This will definitely put a grin on your face, and it even got his grandmother laughing out loud.

The video was described by Jake’s grammy as,

“Jake wondering if he could possibly be poor?! No way! He’s rich in love that’s most important!”

Grandmothers are always right; having a wealth of affection is what matters the most.

View the conversation below to discover who else Jake suspects may be poor.