“I married her soul” – Fiancé of burn victim explains his enduring commitment

Turia Pitt Shares Engagement and Family Plans in Candid Memoir

Turia Pitt, known for her inspiring journey and resilience, has unveiled the enchanting account of her fiancé Michael Hoskin’s proposal. The 29-year-old, who survived burns covering 65 percent of her body, disclosed that Michael’s promise to marry her during her recovery was fulfilled, prompting her to consider the next chapter — starting a family.

In an exclusive excerpt from her new memoir “Unmasked,” featured in this week’s Who magazine, Turia reflects on the idea of family expansion. She expressed, “To be honest, I thought Michael and I would end up having children before we got married. Maybe we still will.” She envisions a potential family size of three or four children, admitting that the ultimate decision will evolve with time.

Turia emphasizes that she perceives children as a profound embodiment of commitment, even more significant than marriage. She reveres Michael’s fatherly qualities and is optimistic about his potential as a father.

Describing the magical proposal day in 2015, Turia recounts how Michael surprised her with a custom-made diamond ring during their holiday on a luxury yacht in the Maldives. Following a day of surfing, Michael lured Turia to the yacht’s deck with the promise of watching swimming manta rays. Little did she know, he had sourced a diamond from a mine where she once worked to create her unique engagement ring.

Turia’s journey, marred by a life-changing accident during a marathon in 2011, has been an inspirational saga of recovery, resilience, and love. After sustaining severe burns and enduring the loss of four fingers and her right thumb, Turia has managed to rebuild her life with Michael. Their engagement marks a significant milestone in their ongoing journey.

The couple, now residing in Ulladulla, New South Wales, has displayed unwavering love and determination, proving that their bond remains unshaken despite life’s adversities. Turia’s memoir provides a poignant insight into her remarkable life, capturing the essence of strength, love, and the pursuit of new beginnings.

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