“I am not your servant,” flight attendant hit back after rude passenger made her coworker cry

A video of an Indian airline worker and a passenger getting into a heated argument went viral and got mixed reactions from people on the internet. On the flight from Istanbul to Delhi, where the fight happened, many other passengers watched in shock.

Many people prefer to travel long distances by plane, and commercial flights are thought to be the safest way to get around. Even though connecting flights and layovers keep people from getting jet-lagged, sometimes they have no choice but to take long flights.

Usually, airlines do their best to give their customers the best service so that they have a great time and think of them again. But sometimes things go wrong and strange things happen that are very upsetting for everyone involved. In late 2022, the same thing happened on an IndiGo flight.

Source: twitter.com/shukla_tarun

Trouble Ensued Mid-Air

On the morning of December 16, 2022, passengers on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi were involved in a contentious argument. After he was said to have caused several members of the flight crew to shed tears, a female flight attendant working for the airline IndiGo told a male passenger to stop pointing his finger at her and to cease from yelling at her.

Source: twitter.com/shukla_tarun

The Heated Exchange

A video of the argument that took place in midair showed a female member of the crew attempting to reason with a passenger whose face could not be seen. In the wake of the unfortunate event, there was another female airline worker standing next to her who did her best to reassure and comfort her in the wake of the situation.

The passenger could be heard in the clip asking the flight attendant, “Why are you yelling?” And she replied, “Because you are yelling at us.” Maintaining her stance, she went on to say:

“I am so sorry, sir, but you do not talk to the crew like that. I am peacefully listening to you with all due respect, but you have to respect the crew as well.”

Source: twitter.com/shukla_tarun

The Flight Attendant’s Reaction to Passengers’ Escalating Tempers

The male passenger was reprimanded for pointing his fingers at the staff when he demanded information about how he had treated them disrespectfully. The man yelled “shut up” at the air stewardess, which prompted her to lose her cool and respond:

“You shut up! I’m sorry you cannot talk to me like that… I’m an employee, I am not your servant.”

Soon after, the female airline employee placed her face mask back on, turned around, and walked away, followed by her colleague. Other people who were present during the entire incident were perplexed by how things ended badly.

Source: twitter.com/shukla_tarun

An airline’s Statement

An IndiGo spokesperson claimed that the unpleasant encounter happened over meals selected by a passenger using a codeshare connection. The airline added that they was dedicated to giving its passengers a courteous and hassle-free experience because they had always been their main priority.

The airline further stated that they will look into the issue to the best of their abilities. The December incident’s videotape was examined more closely, and it became clear that the argument revolved about IndiGo’s menu options.

A limited quantity of meals were served on the aircraft, according to the boarding passes of the passengers, the female flight attendant informed the man. The dispute grew more heated after she was interrupted in the middle of her sentence, however.

Source: twitter.com/shukla_tarun

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