Husband creates custom bike for wife with Alzheimer’s so they can continue riding together

Bill and Glad had already faced numerous challenges in their marriage when Glad received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Bill and Glad have been acquainted since childhood, with Bill initially befriending Glad’s brother.

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Bill and Glad had a long history together. They first met when Bill was 8 and Glad was 7, and he became best friends with her brother. Even though Glad would stare at Bill while he and her brother played, Bill wasn’t interested in a relationship at that time.

But when Bill was 17 and Glad was 16, he saw her all dressed up and immediately fell in love with her. They started dating and never stopped.

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Cycling was a beloved activity for the couple, who enjoyed the exercise and the sense of liberation it brought. They continued to cycle together even after getting married and having children, with the addition of baby seats on their bikes to accommodate their growing family.

Bill and Glad enjoyed many decades together and raised their children with love. As time passed, their children grew up and started families of their own.

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Despite their kids growing up and leaving the house, Bill and Glad still had their shared love of biking to keep them connected and bring joy to their lives.

Then in 2004, Bill observed changes in Glad’s behavior. She started forgetting things more frequently and acting out of character. After some time, they discovered that Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

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This diagnosis initially devastated Bill and Glad, but they adapted to the change. Bill never once complained about taking care of his wife.

Glad’s Alzheimer’s condition meant she was unable to ride bikes with Bill, which was their favorite activity.

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Bill created a custom bike chair that could accommodate both him and Glad, allowing them to continue their beloved pastime together.

Bill’s tricycle creation enabled him and Glad to enjoy biking together again.

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The unique bike has generated a lot of attention in their community.

The couple’s invention has generated a lot of curiosity in their hometown, with many people approaching them to ask about it. When Bill shares their story, people are often astonished by his dedication to his wife.

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Living with Alzheimer’s or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, but Bill and Glad are content with their life and wouldn’t want it any other way.

The story of Bill and Glad’s special bike for riding together despite Glad’s Alzheimer’s was featured on YouTube and quickly became viral. It has accumulated over 2.7 million views, 15,000 likes, and 900 comments, with many people expressing admiration for the couple’s love and dedication to each other.

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The love and companionship between Bill and Glad is truly special.

Despite facing health issues due to their age, Bill and Glad’s love has remained strong, having been together for over fifty years and living their lives to the fullest.

Bill and Glad’s unwavering commitment to each other throughout their lives, especially during Glad’s declining health, is a shining example for all couples to follow. They have cared for each other for almost their entire lives and their bond has only grown stronger over the years.