Husband and wife clash over choosing ‘Zoomer’ for their baby: ‘We’re naming a child, not a dog’

Over the last decade or so, a trend has emerged where parents opt for giving their children distinctive names. Laura Wattenberg, the creator of the naming-trends website Namerology, pointed out to The Atlantic, “We are deep in an era of naming individuality, where parents assume that having a [name] sound distinctive and unique is a virtue.”

Several factors contribute to this shift in American culture. One factor is the decrease in family size, making uniqueness more significant for parents. Additionally, the availability of baby name data has driven parents to explore more unconventional options, avoiding names that might result in being the third John or the second Maria in a class.

AITA for rude and dismissive about all of my wife’s baby name ideas?
by u/Aaronsaway in AmItheAsshole

The internet has also played a pivotal role in this evolution. Individuals with distinct names tend to stand out online. People with unique names stand out online. Good luck if you’re looking on Facebook for a former classmate named Matt Smith.

Joe Pinsker from The Atlantic also highlights the observation that opting for an uncommon name has evolved into a trend, creating a form of conformity in itself. Pinsker eloquently puts it, “Trying not to be like everyone else makes you just like everyone else.”

The trend of choosing distinctive names has also led to disagreements among parents. A soon-to-be father, known as Aaronsaway on Reddit, turned to the AITA forum to seek opinions on whether he was unjustly confrontational with his wife after dismissing her unconventional baby name suggestions.

The name that stirred up the most controversy was “Zoomer.”

As the birth of their first child approaches, his wife and he have decided not to learn the gender until the baby arrives. With things becoming more real, they have begun discussing names, only to realize that their preferences in naming styles are vastly different, leading them to struggle in finding a suitable one, Aaronsaway shared.

He expressed that his wife leans toward unique names that he considers “tacky and frivolous,” while he leans towards “traditional names.”

“Last night she showed me a short list she had put together and thought I might like. The names on the list were:

Girl: Fern, Fennix, Rhodes, Faun, Brixtyn, and Kinley

Boy: Spark, Diesel, Quincy, Phoenix, Buck, and Fox”

Aaronsaway responded by proposing more conventional variations of the names she had chosen. However, tensions reached a breaking point when his wife suggested the name Zoomer for a boy.

He inquired if she was serious and openly expressed that he found it to be an impractical name. She questioned his reaction and wondered why he consistently rejected her ideas and dismissed the names she favored. He conveyed to her that they were naming a child, not a pet, emphasizing that names can significantly impact a child’s life.

“I said I don’t want my child to be bullied or taken less seriously because they have a ridiculous name. She told me I was rude and that I was the bully for making her feel unsupported.”

The situation led to his wife becoming emotional and retiring to bed.

Given this context, the question arises: Is the expectant father justified in disregarding his wife’s distinctive name suggestions? Or should he adapt to the current trend and give his child an extraordinary name?

Commenters on the platform overwhelmingly sided with Aaronsaway’s perspective.

AsOne8433 wrote: “So many people naming their kids like a 9-year-old naming a goldfish or a valley girl naming a pocket dog. Unfortunately, it indicates that the parent considering these names does not see the child as a person, but a thing, an amusing accessory to show all her fans how cool she is.”

People Be Naming They Kids The Dumbest Names 😂

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