Husband accuses stay-at-home mother of doing nothing all day, she documents her everyday chores

When people find out that a woman chooses to be a stay-at-home parent instead of working outside the home, there are always going to be those individuals who believe that this woman does nothing but sit around all day. The majority of the time, they may enjoy the benefits of having additional free time to spend however they like while also having the ability to relax in the serene environment of their own homes.


Unhappily, there are still spouses who think their ladies have it easier than they do because they are only at home the whole day. These husbands believe this because they look down on their housewives. They don’t participate in meetings, and they don’t give reports or presentations either.

These individuals are unaware of the fact that being a stay-at-home mother is not at all an easy job to perform.

When women make the decision to “not work,” this does not necessarily indicate that they are not working in any capacity. The main and much more difficult part of the work is just about to start.

One woman made the decision to speak out against negative assumptions about stay-at-home mothers and break her silence.


When @sierra not ciara’s boyfriend accused her of doing nothing at home because she was a full-time mother, @sierra not ciara of Tiktok thought on what the accusation meant for her.

And it dawned on her that there is not a shred of truth to this allegation. She is perpetually busy, but not with reports or meetings; rather, it is with all of the house duties that she is required to complete on a daily basis. To add insult to injury, this woman is also a parent to two young children. That is certainly going to be a challenging task.

The woman who stays at home with her children revealed in a video that she has published that she has a lot of tasks that she needs to get done while her partner is at work. She also brought up the fact that he believes that she is “doing nothing” while he is out trying to get some money for the household.


She began her video with a hard task, which was the preparation of dinner for the children.

If you are a parent, you will undoubtedly concur that any mealtime during the day is a big, big task that must be surmounted. Even if things may get chaotic, it is imperative that the health and well-being of the children remain a top priority.


So long as the children consume a sufficient quantity of nutritious food, you don’t care about the mess they make, as long as their stomachs are kept full. It all begins with a casual talk about getting them to eat, but it quickly escalates into a full-scale conflict about who’s boss. In most cases, Mom usually wins, but occasionally the younger children emerge victorious.

Bath time can be a particularly trying period of the day for full-time mothers.


When there are two children running around, it is easy for anyone to lose their composure. But not this particular mother. She is able to keep her children under control and coerce them into taking baths.

Getting the children dressed is an additional source of frustration on its own. These children like running away from their clothes just as much as they enjoyed running around after they had bathed.

This mother is one tough cookie, and the responsibilities listed above do not even cover the entirety of her daily workload. It’s possible that her lover is getting a break for a cup of coffee at work. However, the mother who stays at home to care for her children 24 hours a day almost never has a spare moment, even if the children do take naps, which is still another challenge for her to surmount.

Whew! Simply watching her video may be enough to make you feel exhausted. Now, who’s doing nothing again?


After a very long day, this mother of two finally winds down by snuggling her children into bed. After putting her daughter to bed first, she is finally able to sit down to eat, but she has to do it standing up because she is holding her son on her side the entire time.


It’s possible that you’re thinking that things are about to calm down and that she’s going to get some much-needed rest. But hold on, her son poops all over her!

Even women who have made the decision to remain at home continue to be inundated with employment. While those who work in offices or in the field are allowed a certain number of hours to earn money each day, stay-at-home moms rarely, if ever, get a day off because their task is never truly over.

Because of this, they also have the right to be praised and thanked for all of the hard work that they have done out of love and genuine concern for their family.