How can this pack of dogs be able to stand still orderly and take pictures together every day?

Tim Pink, a dog walker in Saratoga Springs, herds scores of dogs over long distances each day to provide them with the exercise and training they need.

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Since 2011, Tim Pink, a guy from upstate New York, has been taking regular pictures of his furry charges. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but we have a lot of questions!

For instance, many people don’t understand how he manages to get all those dogs to sit motionless and gaze into the camera.

If you believe snacks are sufficient to entice this many dogs, consider the effort required to train even one food-motivated dog to remain still and stare in the proper direction.

As they go around Saratoga Springs and the nearby places, such as Ballston Spa, people are just in awe at Pink’s (and his aides’) ability to keep them all in line and well-behaved.

It’s hardly surprising that the adorable pups’ groups are well-known in the neighborhood.

Mr. Pink seems to understand how to blend in seamlessly with the group.

He revealed to The Daily Gazette that he is familiar with each dog’s name and that he and his helpers frequently call the dogs by name when out on walks in order to encourage them.

Pink takes the time to get to know each dog, their degree of obedience training, and their individual temperaments before allowing them to join. If he is certain a new member is a fit, the relationship-building process takes time, and new dogs are introduced gradually.

After observing Pink training a possible new pack member in the park one day, Rose Zacek, a resident of Saratoga Springs, used his services. She was impressed since the dog behaved much better for him than for its owner.