Horse Reunites Emotionally with Long-Lost Friends After 4 Years

Can horses retain memories of old companions they haven’t seen in years? And if they do, how do they respond? Are they capable of emotions?

In 2012, Sue Blagburn had the opportunity to reunite with Arthur, a thoroughbred she had raised from a foal, but had to part with in 2008. During Arthur’s earlier years, he had formed a unique bond with two fellow companions, William and Harry. While Arthur embarked on a different path, William and Harry remained with Sue, sharing their lives alongside other horses and ponies.

As Arthur returned, the question loomed: Would the 8 1/2-year-old horse remember his youthful playmates? Could William and Harry still recognize the little thoroughbred who was once their closest friend?

It’s worth noting that Sue had sold the field where these three equine companions had spent their formative years. Thus, at the moment of their reunion, Arthur was faced with an entirely new environment, except for the long-lost friends he was about to encounter.

Observe the touching and heartwarming reunion between Arthur, William, and Harry in the captivating video below:

“Arthur, William, and Harry’s beautifully moving reunion below.”

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