Horse gallops towards its tiny human friend every time hearing its name being called

Growing up with animals provides children with invaluable life lessons.

For a young boy named Kolten, caring for the horse Maple entails learning to be respectful around much larger animals. Even though he is only a toddler, he has already learned how to feed her treats with a flat hand and how to call her from the pasture.

Kolten has cherished Maple ever since her family brought her home. Mom Melina says that their blossoming friendship was evident from day one, particularly when she observed that the horse responded better to Kolten than to her!

“The first time he called Maple from the pasture, she just turned around and looked at him and came running up,” Melina recalled. “I was like, ‘Why doesn’t she do that with me?’”

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Daily, Kolten and Maple’s relationship grows stronger. Although he only reaches her knees, the horse is extremely gentle and cautious with her favourite small human. He not only calls her from the pasture in the evenings, but he also enjoys helping Melina brush her, feed her, and give her many hugs and kisses.

Look how proud Kolten is to be leading his horse “May May” on a rope, and how sweetly she follows him. We believe she would follow that kid anywhere!

Melina remarked, “I just think it’s incredible,” said Melina. “It makes me think it was just meant to be.”

Melina adds that Maple instinctively understands to be cautious around him because he is a “little person.”

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Now that he has gotten close to Maple on the ground, it is time for this young cowboy to begin riding! Several times, Kolten has ridden on Maple’s back, and each time, their mutual trust grows.

Melina continued, “They already have that bond,” Melina continued. “They already have that trust. She’s already a very calm horse who’s eager to learn. I can just see them learning together and growing.”

These two adorable individuals will undoubtedly be lifelong friends! We can’t wait to follow their social media channels as they mature together. There is reason to believe that Kolten will be a lifelong animal lover as a result of his early experiences with May May.