Horse at funeral says final goodbye to owner who wouldn’t give up on him

Everyone is ready to give up on some animals, and it takes a special person to step in and make a breakthrough.

Sometimes all it takes to truly make a difference in an animal’s life is a little bit of patience and love, and they’ll remember it forever.

This is demonstrated by a widely shared true story about the endearing relationship between a man and a horse.

Janna Grapperhaus, a midwife from West Virginia, told the tale of her father bringing home Major, a “young and vicious stallion.”

Major’s previous owners tried using harsh methods, such as beatings and leaving him chained to a post without food or water for four weeks, but they were unable to break him. As a result, Major was still wild.

“When dad brought him home, he barreled through five strands of fence within minutes of arriving and he’d bite and strike at anyone within distance,” Janna wrote.

However, Janna’s father took the time to gain Major’s trust rather than “breaking” the horse. Others questioned the method; according to Janna, her mother called the horse “Major Deal” and believed the horse was “going to kill him.”

Even so, the father had a strong bond with the animal: “My dad never broke him…. he earned his heart,” Janna wrote. “Every single day, for hours and hours dad worked to earn that abused horse’s trust.”

After two years of arduous work, Major finally gained the owner’s trust and was permitted to ride.

Despite all odds, the wild horse was successfully domesticated. But it was more than that; the man and his horse truly loved one another.

“When dad would go out, Major would kiss him on the head over and over,” Janna wrote. “They had a bond that only horse people could ever understand.”

Janna’s father tragically passed away recently. And his beloved horse joined his family and friends in mourning at his funeral.  “It seemed only fitting to let Major say goodbye,” Janna wrote.

And in a touching moment, Major walked over to the coffin to give it a “last kiss” before departing.