Homeless teen who has “nothing to lose” graduates top of his class

High school might be loved or hated by different people. There is no doubting the value of a high school education, regardless of one’s personal viewpoint.

One of the numerous lessons gained there, both socially and academically, is that perseverance and hard work are rewarded.

The importance of success can be taught in high school in a variety of ways.

Of course, happiness involves more than just succeeding in life, but no one would ever say that having the motivation and education necessary to succeed is a negative thing.

Being awarded valedictorian is one of the biggest accomplishments one can make in their high school career.

Griffin didn’t have the luxury of growing up in a stable home, which makes him different among valedictorians.

In reality, Griffin’s father and he have been experiencing homelessness for the 12 years.

Griffin never had the comfort of his own bedroom or even the same roof over his head for the entirety of his high school experience.


Being homeless prevents one from having a calm atmosphere in which to study.

Griffin is incredibly inspirational because of this. He persisted in trying to graduate despite all the obstacles, and he eventually succeeded.

On the day of the graduation, he could be found standing alongside the other students.


Griffin is undoubtedly an older child than his years. When asked how it felt to graduate, he said simply:

“I just want to show that anyone can do it, no matter what you’ve been through. I never want to live that life again. I do everything I do because I don’t want to live like that.”


Griffin’s tale serves as a warning not to evaluate someone just on the basis of where they live. Who knows what brought them there?

Even if you do know, just be content with what you have and try to be of assistance.

When his mom tragically passed away from cancer, his dad was unable to continue paying for the house by himself.

Griffin recalls having nothing to eat and feeling ravenous one evening while in bed and thinking about his upcoming day of school.

He was in a bad predicament, but astonishingly, his teachers were unaware of it.

Griffin, his brother, and his father ultimately prevailed despite the challenges they had to overcome. Griffin’s father must be immensely pleased of his son, who has a bright future ahead of him.