Homeless mans’ life completely changed after returning woman’s lost wallet

An act of kindness of a homeless man in Northern California started a chain reaction that was assisting him in turning his life around.

Sean Curry was a 57-year-old homeless man who stays in Marin County at the time the incident happened.

In December 2020, he discovered a wallet in a trash can near the Kamson Coffee Shop in San Rafael and gave it back to its owner with all of its contents.

His life altered after that.

Right now, Currey resides in his Chevy Tahoe. “I don’t really want to show you the mess, to tell you the truth,” he said. “It’s been my home, yeah, and I love it. It’s a good Chevy.”

Evelyn Topper, an 80-year-old regular at the Kamson Coffee Shop in Mill Valley, was the owner of the lost wallet that Currey found. “She comes here like, almost every day,” said the coffee shop’s owner Lina Kamson.

Evelyn Topper (Source: Screenshot/ Video NBC)

Surveillance footage from the incident showed Topper collecting up her beverages and putting her wallet away, but she carelessly drops it after leaving. “I came home and looked for my little purse, my wallet. It was gone!” she exclaimed.

Everything was in it, including her ID card, driver’s license, cash, and medical insurance cards. Fortunately, it also had her phone number.

The following day, Evelyn received a call from Currey. He discovered her wallet when he was searching in the rubbish behind the coffee shop. Currey had been homeless for the previous five years.

(Source: Screenshot/ Video NBC)

The wallet was empty of cash, but Currey said a buddy advised him to use the credit cards before they were canceled. In response, he rejected it. Currey called Evelyn to arrange the return of the wallet instead.

“I did it because I got a heart,” Currey said. “That’s the way I was brought up.”, added that Evelyn was ecstatic to get it back.

“It’s a beautiful story,” Evelyn exclaimed. “What a wonderful story for this time of year.”

At this point, the good Samaritan tale becomes realistic.

His honesty amazed and impressed Evelyn’s daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Mikayla. In addition to getting him off the streets, they created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Currey to utilize his construction skills “to create a sustainable row of tiny houses for the San Rafael homeless community at large.”

The campaign has raised more than $55,700.

Honesty and moral character still matter, as demonstrated by Currey’s deeds and the payback he received.