Homeless man asks the restaurant for food, and offered a chair and free reign over the menu

In a heartwarming display of compassion, a restaurant stood out by treating a homeless man asking for spare food with utmost kindness. Ronda Chung, a witness to this remarkable incident, shared the story on Facebook, praising El Sur Street Food Co in Little Rock for their exceptional treatment of the man.

Chung’s Facebook post described the encounter: “El Sur Street Food Co. is the epitome of compassion and local love. This person came in and asked if they had any food they were willing to toss his way.” However, instead of simply offering leftovers, the person at the cashier counter went above and beyond, saying, “I would love to pay for your food” and even providing recommendations from the menu. The staff member suggested the generous Con Todo baleada, rather than offering cheaper options like chips and salsa or a pupusa. Furthermore, the homeless man was given the choice to dine at a table or have his meal packed to go.

The homeless man, conscious of not wanting to impose, expressed his concerns, to which the person behind the counter reassured him, saying, “I am not bothered by you being here,” and kindly offered him a table. This heartwarming story reminds us that there are still compassionate and caring individuals who go out of their way to help those in need. Chung’s Facebook post garnered over 2.9k likes and was widely shared across the internet.

Reddit user Grayhome shared the story on the platform, where users applauded the restaurant for its kindness. One user, 1OutKastWill, commented, “Human being, just being human. We need to make stories like this more common. I hope people in the community hit up this place and show support for this business. We need more people like this in the world.” Another user, Mammoth-Cook3625, expressed, “I could never refuse someone who came to my kitchen hungry. The world could use more people like that.”

In response to the heartwarming post, user x_KatieTheFae_x added, “I hear about really horrible things that other people do to each other every day at my job. Posts like this restore my faith in my fellow humans. Thanks for sharing.” Some users even shared their own stories of witnessing similar acts of kindness. BusinessDuck132 shared, “I love doing this at Starbucks. We had a guy who, I’m pretty sure, was a homeless vet, and my manager and I made sure he knew he was welcome to hang out in our cafe.”

PilgrimPayne59 commented, “Thank you for sharing this with us. With all of the sh*t that is happening around us in the world today, this is the kind of story that everyone needs to hear. Props to that restaurant worker for doing what he did to make that man feel like a human being.”

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