High school quarterback scores 8 touchdowns in honor of his mom one day after she dies of cancer

When we’re young, it’s hard to imagine anything worse than losing our parents.

Simply put, most of us spend our early years thinking that our parents will always be there for us. They were here long before we got here, and they will be here for a long time to come.

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but life just doesn’t work like that. Things go wrong, people become ill, and what is promised today is not necessarily certain to be delivered the next day.

Alex Brown, who is still in high school, is more aware of this than most people.

Reports indicate that Alex suffered the loss of his most ardent supporter to cancer just one day before the high school playoff game.

According to GoodMorningAmerica, Michelle Brown had been battling breast cancer for ten years. Recently, on November 11, her fight came to an end.

Alex posted on several social media platforms: “Today I lost my best friend, my teacher, and my mother. My mom had been battling breast cancer that had spread throughout her body for 14 years, she was never supposed to make it this long, but through love and her insane strength she fought. I love you mama. Rest In Peace.”

Alex, who was the quarterback for the varsity football team at Red Bank Catholic high school in New Jersey, onto the field the very next day after his mother passed away to participate in the game.

The young man, who appeared to be going through a lot of emotional turmoil and physical anguish, yet managed to score an incredible eight touchdowns while leading his high school team to a surprising victory.

After the game on Monday night, Alex made the following statement:

“Even when you struggle with something as hard as that. And you know It might be tough, it might be hard, you can always fight.”

My deepest sympathies go out to Alex Brown. I have no doubt in my mind that your mother would be over the sky proud of you.