Heroic school bus driver saves student from oncoming car, with belief that ‘God is watching’

While school buses make frequent stops, many drivers are aware of the need to exercise caution. However, some individuals may not be paying attention, lack knowledge of the rules, or simply disregard them, thereby posing a threat to the safety of children.

Fortunately, in this particular event, bus driver April Wise was vigilant and attentive towards her student passengers. Had she not been, this incident from New Carlisle, Ohio, would have had a very different outcome.

On Thursday, the story of Wise’s bravery was initially posted on the Tecumseh Local Schools Facebook page.

“We are feeling very grateful this evening for the alertness and quick actions of one of our amazing bus drivers,” the post read.

“The video shows a car passing on the right as the bus was stopping to drop off a student. We did seek permission from the student’s parent prior to sharing in order to spread bus safety awareness and celebrate the driver’s actions. This is a reminder, please be cognizant of our buses on the road and never pass them.”

“Today our HERO drove a big, yellow school bus! Please share to raise awareness for bus safety.”

After being viewed more than 100,000 times, the original post quickly gained media attention.

Although the identity of the student was not revealed, relatives of the student left comments on the post to express their appreciation.

Amy Mendenhall wrote: “This woman is OUR FAMILY HERO tonight as this was my nephew. Thank you for being so aware and protecting these children. We truly appreciate and are grateful for you.”

Judy Mendenhall wrote: “God bless her, our grandson, so scary to see, definitely had her eyes out for his safety.”

“Not enough thanks can be expressed to her for being observant and quickly stopping him. God was watching and praise her for her awesomeness, it is beyond deserved.”

At first, the name of the driver was withheld, but once the story gained attention, Tecumseh Local Schools disclosed her identity and declared that she would be acknowledged at an upcoming occasion.

“Thank you to all who came out today to recognize April this morning! Let’s give one last shout out to our bus driver Miss April who was the Hero of the Day!”