Heroic mother uses bare hands to repel a tiger after the animal bit her child’s head

While in a field in India, 25-year-old Archana Chaudhary and her 15-month-old son were attacked by a tiger that had just emerged from the underbrush.

Little Rajveer was being surrounded by the large cat’s muscular jaws when his mother sprang into action. She started kicking and striking the tiger while disregarding the mauling she was receiving, according to the Times of India.

Her lungs were punctured by the tiger’s claws, yet she persisted in fighting for two minutes until the people could hear her screams. Bhola Chaudhary, her husband, gave a detailed account of the horrifying attack.

He said: “Rajveer was sitting and Archana was standing nearby,”

“Suddenly, a tiger emerged, picked Rajveer and started walking away.”

“Archana ran after the tiger for about 5 metres, hitting the tiger with her hands to save her son. The tiger left the child and attacked Archana.”

The tiger ultimately slunk back into the bushes after residents used sticks to chase it away.

Both Archana and her kid were taken by ambulance to the hospital, where they are receiving extensive care for their wounds.

In addition to a punctured lung, her back, wrists, and abdomen were also hurt.

In order to push the tiger farther into its native habitat in the woodland tiger reserve, a search is being conducted to locate it.