Heroic act of Georgia deputy as he saves trapped woman from burning vehicle

Over the weekend, a heroic incident unfolded in Georgia as a sheriff’s deputy rescued a woman trapped in a burning car. The entire lifesaving event was captured on the officer’s body camera.

On Saturday, July 1, Sgt. Ashleigh Taylor from the Candler County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call reporting a vehicle that had veered off Highway 46 in Metter, Georgia, and crashed into a wooded embankment.

The body camera footage depicts Sgt. Taylor swiftly responding to the call and discovering that the red Subaru sedan involved in the accident was already engulfed in flames.

Amidst the urgency, Sgt. Taylor can be heard on the footage calling out to the driver, providing reassurance, and urging her to release her seatbelt.

“Let’s get out of the car,” Taylor said. “Take your seatbelt off.”

Subsequently, the deputy is observed using a baton to forcefully break through the driver’s side window, enabling him to extract the woman from the perilous situation. Once safely outside the vehicle and on the ground, Sgt. Taylor repeatedly inquired if there were any additional individuals trapped inside the blazing car.

Heroic act of Georgia deputy as he saves trapped woman from burning vehicle

The bodycam footage reveals the driver in a disoriented state, gripping her arm and emitting audible groans.

After conversing with the woman, the deputy urgently calls for assistance from fellow officers, requesting their aid in relocating her away from the crash site.

Heroic act of Georgia deputy as he saves trapped woman from burning vehicle

Taylor’s rapid response and decisive actions were commended by the police, who expressed gratitude for his quick thinking and agility, preventing a potential tragedy from unfolding.

“Due to Sergeant Taylorโ€™s swift actions, the driver was removed from a dangerous situation before it escalated,” the CCSO wrote in a Facebook post. “We would also like to thank the number of motorists that stopped to assist.”

The current condition of the woman involved in the crash, as well as the specific circumstances leading to the incident, have not been disclosed by the sheriff’s office. Fox News Digital’s request for additional details has not yet been answered.

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