Heroes discover a puppy with horrific bumps, they determine what is wrong

All dogs should have a cozy home with food, entertainment, and lots of affection. But occasionally it takes one or more heroes to make it happen.

Nobody could identify the weird bumps on a lovely lab and hound mix’s ears or the area surrounding her eyes when she was discovered on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Fortunately, other animal lovers from a group called CLAW intervened on their own and took the dog to an animal hospital. And the vets made a startling discovery.

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

It turned discovered that the dog, named Belle, had ticks that sucked blood. Around her eyes and ears, in particular, they were terrible. The veterinarian was unable to remove them all at once because Belle would have lost a lot of blood.

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

The CLAW team understood what they had to do when they recognized it would take Belle some time to heal. They took Belle under their protection and saw to it that she had the treatment and food she required.

Then, a few days later, something extraordinary occurred…

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

The CLAW team was able to wash Belle after the ticks on her disappeared.

Every day, Belle grew more active and her stunning black coat reappeared.

After a few weeks, Belle was adopted, and today she is getting the adoration and care she deserves.

Image Source: Facebook/Claw

Belle finally finding a loving home that makes her happy!

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

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